What is diversification?

Diversification is a business advancement strategy in which a company creates brand-new commodities and services, or enters new industries, past its existing ones.

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Diversification strategy can kick-start a struggling business, or it deserve to better extfinish the success of already highly profitable carriers.

Why is diversification important in business?

Tbelow are 4 vital reasons why businesses embrace a diversification strategy:

The company wants more revenueThe firm desires much less financial riskThe company’s core business is in declineThe agency wants to make use of potential synergies

To learn even more about exactly how diversification functions as component of a company breakthrough strategy, examine out our in-depth lutz-heilmann.info on the subject.

For currently, though, we’re going to look at some the finest examples of business diversification strategy in action.


One of the a lot of renowned suppliers in the civilization, Apple Inc. is perhaps the greatest instance of a “connected diversification” version.

Related diversification indicates tbelow are remarkable commonalities in between the existing assets and also services, and also the new ones being arisen.

Once upon a time (1984), Apple introduced the Macintosh individual computer. They had actually released commodities before this, such as the Apple I motherboard, yet the Macintosh and also connected individual computer assets characterized Apple’s beforehand success.

A duration of decrease hit the firm throughout the mid-1990s, with Microsoft carrying a cheaper and also simpler (albeit less powerful) COMPUTER alternate. Towards the end of the 1990s, Apple was approaching bankruptcy.

Then it all changed.


In 2001, Apple introduced the iPod and also subsequent iTunes software program (2003). Later, Apple would certainly truly hit the diversification jackpot through the launch of the revolutionary iPhone in 2007.

With contemporary smartphones and also digital music players sharing functions with computers, it’s basic to forget that, before the 2000s, computer systems and smart phones bore alongside no similarities from a customer perspective.

But operational synergies in manufacturing allowed Apple to share resources and also capabilities between the 2 product groups, as the smartphones Apple occurred offered many type of of the same resources and also architecture ethics as their computer systems.

Apple didn’t soptimal tright here, though. The company has given that diversified right into tablets, watches, smart-audio, and also also electrical vehicles.

Apple’s diversification strategy at the rotate of the millennium not just saved the corporation from impfinishing failure however aided them prosper into among the biggest corporations on Planet.


Like Apple, Amazon is just one of the world’s biggest and many well-known companies, generating a mouth-watering $386 billion in 2020.

Amazon’s initial operation was that of an online bookseller, and it was an extremely successful one after its launch in 1995. Books were straightforward to source and also distribute, but company founder Jeff Bezos constantly planned to diversify.


The webwebsite began offering videogames and also various other multimedia in 1998 and, before long, the company marketed consumer electronics, software, homeware, playthings and also even more.

The irreversible goal of Amazon was constantly to diversify from an ecommerce website to a completely loaded modern technology agency. Midmeans via the Noughties, Amazon released AWS (Amazon Internet Services), which delivers on-demand cloud computer platforms and APIs; suddenly they were a lengthy means amethod from just selling publications.

From internet solutions and ecommerce to consumer electronic devices, Amazon diversified further as they released the Kindle e-reader and also later the Amazon Echo smart speaker system – in a remarkably equivalent trajectory to what Apple had actually complied with previously, they likewise gone into the digital music market through Amazon Music.

Skip ahead to the current day, and also Amazon has its very own airline (Amazon Air), cloud storage platcreate, movie studio, and also much even more.

The diversification of Amazon is as superior as it is concerning for rivals and also is possibly the highest possible profile instance of strategic relatedness in service diversification.

When Diversification goes wrong

Diversification is not a sure-fire way to ensure success. In fact, diversification as a company advancement strategy provides a significantly higher danger than product and sector advancement, or enhanced sector penetration.

This suggests it periodically goes wrong.

Harley Davidson’s “Legendary Eau de Toilette”

That’s appropriate, Harley Davidson, famed for its iconic motorcycles, diversified right into the fragrance industry in the 1990s. A notable example of over-extending a brand also, this perfume angered the Harley Davidkid fanbase and also motivated even more mindful diversification strategy from the agency from then on.

The lesson: Be cautious of brand clashes once diversifying.

Virgin Cola

The Virgin Group, which began selling documents, is a wonderful instance of long-term diversification strategy in action, with Virgin Media, Virgin Holidays and also Virgin Money enjoying substantial success.

But even the ideal occasionally gets it wrong, which is specifically what happened once Virgin made a decision to take on Coca Cola and also Pepsi via Virgin Cola. Virgin Cola only regulated a sector share of 3% in the UK.

Since of the size of the Virgin Group, they were able to endure and move on from this faiattract. Smaller corporations may not have actually done.

The lesson: When diversifying, be realistic around your product’s appeal versus that of your competition.

Google Glass

Like Amazon and also Apple, Google is a behemoth of a corporation, with near infinite budobtain, sources, and know-just how. Despite this, they deserve to additionally acquire diversification fairly wrong – which is specifically what happened via their 2013 foray into wearable hardware, Google Glass.

Heralded as a wearable, user friendly, non-intrusive alternate to a smart-phone, Google Glass was disongoing after just 2 years after complaints around negative battery, privacy comes to, countless bugs and even a ban from usage in public spaces.

The lesson: Make sure your product is fit for purpose and also has legitimate appeal.

How to gain Diversification strategy right

Diversification is a high-hazard organization advancement strategy. When entering new markets through new assets, preparation and planning is essential.

The “Three Tests of Diversification value” is a great place to begin, and also we strongly recommfinish asking yourself the following concerns when thinking about diversification strategy.

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Is it much better to be specialised in your core business, or diversified?Would diversification create or diminish value?Is tright here an optimal level of diversification?What forms of diversification are a lot of likely to develop value?

The Genus team at lutz-heilmann.info freshly took component in a distinct occasion via Lucidity, wbelow we presented the dos and also don’ts of diversification, and also in-depth advice that have the right to be applied to any kind of company, not simply the Silsymbol Valley technology giants!

You can watch the complete video listed below – if you would certainly prefer to comment on your diversification objectives with the Genus team, obtain in touch today.