What are Period Costs?

Period expenses are costs that cannot be capitalized on a company’s balance sheetBalance SheetThe balance sheet is just one of the three fundamental financial statements. The financial statements are key to both financial modeling and also accountancy.. In various other words, they are expensed in the duration incurred and show up on the earnings statement. Period expenses are also dubbed duration prices.

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Understanding Period Costs

In managerial and price accounting, period prices describe expenses that are not tied to or regarded the production of inventory. Examples incorporate offering, general and also bureaucratic (SG&A) prices, marketing costs, CEO salary, and also rent cost relating to a corpoprice office. The prices are not concerned the production of inventory and are therefore expensed in the duration incurred. In brief, all expenses that are not associated in the manufacturing of a product (product costs) are duration expenses.

Period Costs vs. Product Costs

All prices incurred by a firm are either period prices or product prices. In addition, the 2 forms of expenses are tape-recorded in different ways. See the table listed below for even more comparison:

Product CostsPeriod Costs
Definition:Costs pertained to the manufacturing of a productCosts not related to the manufacturing of a product
Method of Recording:Capitalized on the balance sheet as inventory and also eventually expensed to price of products offered on the earnings statementExpensed on the income statement in the duration incurred
Examples:Direct labor, straight products, and manufacturing overheadMarketing price, offering, general and also governmental price, and also CEO salary

To quickly determine if a expense is a period expense or product price, ask the question, “Is the cost directly or indirectly related to the production of products?” If the answer is no, then the cost is a period price.

Example of Period Costs

The complying with illustprices expenses incurred by a manufacturing company in the first year of operations:

$10,000 in straight products pertained to the production of a product;$5,000 in rent for the company’s corporate office;$2,000 in marketing campaigns;$300 electricity bill pertained to the company’s production facility; and$20,000 in salaries concerned the company’s accountants.

Of the items above, which are duration expenses that need to be expensed in the period incurred?

Answer: $5,000 in rent for the company’s corpoprice office, $2,000 in marketing projects, and also $20,000 in salaries pertained to the company’s accountants are duration costs, as they perform not relate to the manufacture of assets. Because of this, the full amount of $27,000 need to be expensed in the initially year of operations.

Impact on the Income Statement

When duration expenses are expensed, they display up on the earnings statementIncome StatementThe Income Statement is among a company"s core financial statements that mirrors their profit and loss over a period of time.The profit or and also alleviate net revenue. Consider the complying with income statement:


As presented in the revenue statement above, salaries and also benefits, rent and overhead, depreciation and also amortization, and interest are all period costs that are expensed in the period incurred. On the other hand, expenses of products marketed regarded product expenses are expensed on the income statement once the inventory is offered.

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