For each of the complying with 5 transactions, indicate by letter whether the cash result of each transactivity is reported in a statement of cash flows as an operating (O), investing (I), financing (F), or noncash (NC) task.

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1. Investment in bonds : Investing2. Payment of interest on bonds payable: Operating3. Payment of a cash dividend: Financing4. Purchase of a building: Investing5. Collection of a note receivable: Investing
Rachel"s Recordings reported net revenue of $200,000. Beginning balances in Accounts Receivable and also Accounts Payable were $15,000 and also $20,000, respectively. Ending balances in these accounts were $12,000 and $22,000, respectively. Assuming that all relevant information has actually been presented, Rachel"s net cash flows from operating activities would be:
Cash dividends got on stock investments are classified as cash flows from operating tasks.
Operating activities Investing tasks Financing tasks Net rise (decrease) in cash Beginning cash balance Ending cash balance
Micro Manufacturing reports net income of $850,000. Depreciation Expense is $60,000, Accounts Receivable rises $30,000 and also Accounts Payable decreases $10,000. Calculate net cash flows from operating tasks using the instraight method.

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Net Income $850,000Depreciation $60,000Increase in Accounts Receivable ($30,000)Decrease in Accounts Payable ($10,000)Net Cash Flows $870,000
All classifications on the Balance Sheet have a general partnership via sections established on the Statement of Cash Flows. Indicate which relationships are properly established in the table below.
Curry Footwear reports net income of $500,000, income per share of $1.50, and has actually a stock price of $45.00 at the finish of the year. What is Curry Footwear"s price-revenue ratio?

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