a. Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Russiab. Germany type of, Austria-Hungary, and Italyc. France, Great Britain, and Italyd. France, Great Britain, and Russia
a. Germany kind of, Austria-Hungary, and Russiab. Germany type of, Austria-Hungary, and also the Ottomale Empire c. France, Great Britain, and also Italyd. France, Great Britain, and Russia
a. Serbia gained independence from the Ottoman Realm.b. Slavs ruled by Austria-Hungary wanted their own nation. c. Belgians in Belgium wanted to unite with Belgians in Germany.d. Belgians hosted off Germale troops for 2 weeks.

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Which of the adhering to defines why a small conflict in the Balkans spread to all of Europe? (5 points)Select one:a. Many kind of of the European powers had gone into right into alliances requiring them to protect each other. b. Most of the European powers lacked army defenses to speak an strike.c. Serbia refoffered every one of Austria-Hungary"s needs, prompting various other nations to declare war.d. Slavs in Russia refsupplied to support their fellow Slavs in the Balkan region.
Which of the adhering to was straight led to by Austria-Hungary advertising battle on Serbia? (5 points)Select one:a. Russia mobilized its troops. b. Germany type of asserted war on Russia and France.c. Britain asserted battle on Germany kind of.d. Germany attacked Luxembourg.
What element of the situation in Europe does this cartoon illustrate? (5 points)Select one:a. The Great Powers contending through each other for regulate of the Balkansb. The Great Powers heading for battle in the Balkans because of their alliancesc. The Great Powers trying to proccasion unremainder in the Balkans from becoming war d. The Great Powers forming partnerships in response to unremainder in the Balkans
After the Franco-Prussian War, why did Germany form partnerships and start to construct up its military? (5 points)Select one:a. Germany wanted to attack Italy to unite Germans living within Italy.b. Germany wanted to annex Belgium to unite Germans living in Belgium.c. Germany type of feared that Great Britain would create an alliance via France.d. Germany feared that France wanted to recapture Alsace and Lorraine.
What aspect of the Schlieffen Plan is shown by this map? (5 points)Select one:a. If France and also Russia assaulted Germany type of, Germany kind of would face a battle on two fronts. b. If France assaulted Russia, French troops would have to move via Germany kind of.c. If Russia attacked Germany, France would be as well far away to market support.d. If Germany type of assaulted Russia, France would be also far ameans to market support.
What was the significance of the Battle of Stalingrad? (5 points)Select one:a. The Soviet victory is thought about a turning point in the battle. Correctb. It led to Germany"s capture of the Red Military in 1943.c. It required the Soviet Union to retake into consideration its commitment to the Allied cause.d. It slowed dvery own the Russian intrusion of German area started in 1941.
What event officially developed the alliance in between Italy and also Germany in World War II? (5 points)Select one:a. Mussolini and also Hitler signed the Pact of Steel to protect each various other in a time of war. Correctb. The Italians attacked Africa and also sought aid from Hitler"s army.c. Germany type of required Italy to authorize the alliance under the threat of intrusion.d. The British and French had declared war on Italy after the Blitzkrieg.

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Which of the following actions defines why Britain officially gone into World War II? (5 points)Select one:a. The signing of the Pact of Steel in between Hitler and also Mussolinib. The Germale intrusion of the Soviet Unionc. The signing of the German-Soviet Nonaggression Pactd. The German invasion of Poland also Correct
What event shook the United States from its non-interventionist international plan and also straight associated it in World War II? (5 points)Select one:a. The destruction caused throughout the Battle of Britainb. Japanese aggression in China and also Southeast Asiac. Japanese battle of the UNITED STATE naval base at Pearl Harbor Correctd. The fatality of President Roosevelt and the elevation of Truman
Select one:a. The rescue of British troops from Dunkirkb. The victory at the Battle of Midwayc. The British withstanding the Battle of Britaind. The Normandy intrusion of Europe
What was the definition of the Battle of Midmeans for the Americans? (5 points)Select one:a. Japan"s defeat would certainly be a turning suggest toward Amerideserve to victory in the Pacific. Correctb. Japan"s defeat would permit the Americans to invade the Philippines.c. America"s successful defense of the base would enable them to relocate more troops to Europe.d. America"s successful defense of the base would certainly permit them to leave the Pacific totally.
Why did the United States agree to the "Europe First" strategy? (5 points)Select one:a. Because the war in Europe was currently practically won by this timeb. Due to the fact that its priority was to aid its allies initially defeat the Nazis Correctc. Due to the fact that the war in the Pacific had not yet reached critical proportionsd. Since the Allies would fight Japan if the United States did not help
Why did the Allies land also on the beaches of Normandy on D-Day? (5 points)Select one:a. To launch a surprise intrusion of Europe from southern Italyb. To encourage the Soviet Union to proceed fighting on the Eastern Frontc. To take benefit of false information given to the Germans around an intrusion elsewhere Correctd. To develop a stronghost on Germany"s north coast
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