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Term Trait-based theory

Theory that attempted to recognize universal attributes prevalent to all leaders.

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-scholars sshould id a set of learned skills all leaders seem to have actually.

Term Fielder and Leadership

-1st researcher to propose that an individual leader will certainly be more or much less effective in various situations

-a perkid through a provided management style, eeds to discover the instance in which they function best.

Term What 3 things execute leaders have to adapt to?

-nature of followers

-level of job structure

-company charactertistics

Term What are the 2 points that actions emphasis on?
Definition -job and people
Term Definition of traits
Definition innate from birth...personality, motives, demands values
Term defintion of skills
Definition -learned through training and experience: experiential and inherited, basic and also specific

Definition of cognitive (management skill)


Definition crucial reasoning and sound decision-making
Term interpretation of technological (management skill)
Definition job and organization-specific knowledge
Term defintion of interpersonal (leadership skill)
Definition know just how to communicate with others effectively
Term defintion of character (leadership skill)
Definition build integrity and also authenticity
Term behavior- based management theory: focusing on task

-doing brief term planning

-clarifying roles and also objectives

-security operations and also performance


Term habits based management theory: concentrating on people

-sustaining subordinates

-developing subordinates

-recognizing occupational with appreciation and praise


-this renders employees even more loyal and commited

Term tranformational leadership

-charisma and vision

-inspirational motivation

-intellectual stimulation: open up to others ideas

-deserve to be found at all levels of the company

Term transactional leadership: defintion and also 3 components

-the process of a leader giving something the subordinates want

3 components:

-contingent reward

-active management by exception

-passive management by exception


-many came to w/ effectiveness




Difference between transformational and also transitional leadership



Trans: innovate job and poeople inspire

Transactional: maintian task incentivize

Term Fielder contingency model

-performance of leader is influenced strongly by the context 

-Leader-memeber relations: quality of relationships in between leaders and followers


Term Fiedler contingency model :task structure
Definition level to which standar actions are in location to finish a task
Term fiedler contingency model: positional power
Definition extent to which a leaer has authority to evaluate performance and provide rewards or punishments
Term Hersey and blanchards situaitonal theory

-leaders adapt degree of job forcus and human being focus depneding on ability of followers

1. teh amount of task-related actions a leader exhibits

2. the amouth of relationship-associated behaviors a leader exhibits

3. the level at which followers are mature enough to perdevelop a specifci job, fucntion or objective

Term defintion of subsititutes:
Definition elements of a stiuaiton that make leadership unnecesary
Term meaning of nautralizers
Definition elements fo a situation that hinder a leaders capacity to act a certain way
Term The most necessary trait of charismatic leaders is:
Definition the capacity to develop an motivating vision
Term You are most most likely to be taken into consideration an reliable leader if you:
Definition emphasis on building cohesive teams
Term What is a action that a great leader would take?
Definition Clarifying roles and also objectives to an employee
Term Which of the following best describes the traits-based concept of leadership?a. A concept of management in which leaders treat each member differently, and as a result, build distinctive relationships via each member b. A theory in which leaders are more reliable depending upon the favorcapability of a management instance c. A theory of leadership that explained management by researching the qualities of individuals considered to be historically excellent leaders d. A concept of leadership that tries to reveal a set of universal skills that are appropriate in all management situations
Definition D
Term ________ abilities describe a leader"s knowledge about an company and also job-connected tasks.a. Cognitive b. Conceptual c. Technical d. Interpersonal
Definition C
Term Cognitive abilities of management refer to:a. a leader"s knowledge about the employees" interests and missions. b. a leader"s capability to maintain a reasonably low profile and share crmodify. c. a leader"s understanding about an company and job-associated activities.d. a leader"s ability to understand the interior and also exterior environments
Definition D
Term The element that distinguishes task-oriented leaders from relations-oriented leaders is that:a. relations-oriented leaders worth workers as people, focusing even more on supporting and also occurring them. b. task-oriented leaders often treat subordinates as equates to and encourage them to take initiative in solving problems.c. relations-oriented leaders focus more on observing workers, analysis reports, and inspecting top quality. d. task-oriented leaders often tfinish to develop emotional ties via their subordinates.
Definition A
Term Individuals that arouse strong followership via inspirational visions and/or compelling individual characteristics are referred to as ________ leaders.a. charismatic b. transactional c. task-oriented d. relations-oriented
Definition A
Term ________ leadership refers to the procedure through which a leader provides something to subordinates in return for something the subordinates want.a. Relations-oriented b. Transactional c. Transformational d. Charismatic
Definition B
Term Transformational leaders tend to focus more on:a. maintaining a reward device to motivate followers. b. surveillance operations and also performance. c. persuading subordinates to complete work. d. motivating and motivating followers.
Definition D
Term During the mature partnership phase of the connection life cycle, the:a. leader tests the subordinate"s capability to cope via even more duty and also the subordinate decides whether the leader is worth the additional effort. b. leader uses the subordinate a possibility to boost his or her responsibility in the group and also the subordinate accepts the new duty. c. leaders depend on rules and also contractual obligations to motivate performance and subordinates comply with the leaders in exreadjust for financial rewards. d. leaders and also their followers recognize they can depfinish on each other and also subordinates perform added assignments.
Definition D
Term ________ concept claims that the many essential element in leadership is the follower"s expectation that a job can be achieved and that it will lead to rewards.a. Traits-based management b. Fiedler"s contingency C. House"s route goal d. Hersey and also Blanchard"s situational leadership
Definition C
Term Which of the adhering to refers to the aspects of a instance that make management unnecessary?a. Leadership neutralizers b. Leadership traits c. Leadership positions d. Leadership substitutes
Definition D
Term The principles of in-teams and out-teams are component of the ____theory of leadership
Definition leader-member exchange
Term Intelligence and also deductive thinking are both ___ ___ that aid leaders to make much better decisions
Definition cognitive skills
Term The ____ is a theory of management that claims that leaders can be high or low in both job and also connection orientation
Definition managerial grid
Term ___ leader is someone who communicates a solid vision to inspire followers
Definition charismatic
Term In the leader-member exchange concept, leaders and also followers progress via a ____ ___ ___
Definition connection life cycle
Term the __ ___ theory states that leaders have to use various management layouts based on their employees" levels of ability and also will certainly (motivation)
Definition situational leadership
Term fielder"s ____ version of leadership says that supervisors will be even more or much less reliable in various instances based on their style of leadership
Definition contingency
Term Which of the following are job oriented management behaviors? 1: completing a budgain for the upcoming year 2: making certain that each of the members of the copmay"s ecological team is interested and also excited about the job-related they are doing.3: presenting an award for "most innovative product of the year" 4: connecting annual sales targets in a nationwide sales meeting
Definition 1 and 4
Term ___-_____ management habits are likely to rise employee commitment and loyalty
Definition relations-oriented
Term the complying with picture reflects ____ and _____ managerial grid. This concept argues that: a) a manager"s degree of task- and relationship-orientation determines their managerial style b) managers are genetically predisposed to a certain management stylec) supervisors are more efficient when they take on a relationship-oriented management styleD)managers are more reliable as soon as they embrace a task-oriented leadership style
Definition A) a manager"s level of task- and relationship-orientation determines their style
Term Some of the employees say AL is great, however others feel that he does not let them take initiative. Mateo knows that the concept of in-teams and also out-groups is crucial component of the ___ - _____ ____ concept of leadership
Definition leader-member exchange
Term if mateo desires to end up being part of al"s in team, which of the complying with actions have to he take? pick all that apply1: negotitate for expanded responsibilites2: suppport al"s decisions and adjust efforts3: save al increated about decsions 4: begin offereing suggestions for methods to perform things even more effectively from the initially day of work
Definition 1,2 3,
Term if mateo does end up being a member of al"s in-group, he enters the ___ ____ phase, and al will intend him to: A) sell ides as an equal partner that thinks even more around the company"s purposes than mateo"s very own goalsB) cautiously take on even more duties, trial and error the water to discover his function in the company
Definition Mature partnershipA) market ideas
Term according to the ___ model, a leader cna embrace one of 4 management formats based upon a combo of partnership (concern for people) and job (worry for production) habits. The appropratie style counts on the readiness level of the followers. A follower"s readiness is based upon their ___ and also __ to carry out work
Definition -situational-capability -willingness
Term through the ____ management style, the leader offers bit direction and also little support. Instead, followers make and also implement decisions
Definition delegating
Term with followers who have low readiness because they are new to their job and organization, the ___ leadership style is most effective
Definition directing
Term Four managerial styles: directing, coaching, supporting, and delegating. They have actually learned a small about programming, yet they"re starting to gain frustrated becasue bugs are popping up in their work. YOur boss offers you 2 months to regime a new blackjack game. Based on situational management II, what must you do? A) you have to sit w/ prgrammers and also give them details around just how to attend to bugs as they occur. however make certain that you collection aside time for substantial praise and supportB) you have to emphasis on reassuring the prgrammers: offer them pep talks and also tell them you know that they ahve the abilities to achieve the tasks
Definition A
Term business behavior
Definition study of interindividual attitdues and also preferences, bahavioral dynamics and also organziational performance
Term Self awareness
Definition an knowledge of one"s thoguhts, feelings, and also habits -vital essential of leadership effectivesness
Term creativity
Definition ability to incorporate or connect concepts in new methods to generate novel and also useful alternatives: ex. willingness to take risk-tolerance of ambiguity
Term Evaluation of an individuals creativity: 3 things
Definition fluency: geneprice many type of options that fit some requirements -flexibility: readjust approaches to a problem-originiality
Term 3 components of intelligence and what they are
Definition 1. computational: discovering what concerns to ask and also what info to look for to deal with a problem2. experiential: being open up to brand-new ideas and also willing to communicate in experiential learning3. contextual: capability to form and be shapred by the external setting "BIG PICtURE THINKERS
Term other 2 components of intelligence
Definition -social intelligence: understand and respond as necessary to various cultural context and also situations-emotional intelligence: recognizing our own feeligns and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for regulating our emotions in a abundant manner.
Term -self awareness vs. self management vs. social awareness vs connection management
Definition self a: how to impact other world self m: being able to regualte eactivities social aw: feeling the mood of the team. feeling exactly how they are feeling partnership m: hwo perform you manage these relationships.
Term locus of control
Definition exente to which an indivual believes they deserve to regulate or affect the outcome of events (internal and external)
Term 5 response strategy: ascmh
Definition avoidsurvivecope: how to deal w neg tollmanageharness: ex. someone doesn"t believe in you so you want to do it that much more
Term 4 key dimensions of managing adversity
Definition 1. contorl 2. ownership3. reach4. endurance
Term Gardner"s frame s of mind:
Definition rejected a single type of intelligence. he sassist IQ dimensions were fairly poor predictors of that succeeds . 8 indications of success: liguistic, logical, spatial, kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, intrapersonal, naturality
Term triarchic theory of intelligence by robert sternberg
Definition prefer gardners: 3 components: -computational (analytic)-experiential: creative-contextual: practical
Term An knowledge of one"s thoughts, feelings, and also actions is dubbed ________ a. self-actualization b. self-awarenessc. self-evaluation d. self-acceptance
Definition B
Term According to Howard Gardner"s multiple intelligencesa. standardized test scores and also grades are the key predictors of that succeeds and that does not. b. IQ measurements are generally predictive of success in many kind of expert endeavors. c. there are eight kinds of intelligence that deserve to be indications of career success. d. IQ dimensions account for all of the ways in which individuals show that they are "smart."
Definition C
Term Which of the complying with indices of creative thinking involves the capability to generate many type of options that fit some requirement?a. Adaptcapability b. Originality c. Flexibility d. Fluency
Definition D
Term Of the 3 indices of creativity, originality is characterized as:a. the capability to adjust philosophies to a trouble. b. the capacity to generate many type of services that fit some need. c. the ability to generate novel or unique propositions, ideas, or options. d. the capacity to take obligation for one"s role in cultivating relationships
Definition C
Term Which of the following are the two main components of self-administration in emotional intelligence?a. Innovation and also imagination b. Fluency and versatility c. Intelligence and personality d. Regulation and motivation
Definition D
Term According to Robert McCrae and also Paul Costa"s management personality traits, extroversion:a. is the tendency to be sociable, assertive, and also active and to experience points positively. b. is the tendency to be trusting, compliant, caring, and also gentle. c. involves being open to experiences and willing to be original, imagiindigenous, and also autonomous.d. is the capacity to remajor calm and confident, especially in times of crisis
Definition A
Term Individuals through outside locus of control:a. ascribe success to luck or circumstance. b. choose participatory supervisors who delegate. c. are primarily more self-motivated than internals. d. tfinish to be less anxious about outcomes than internals.
Definition A
Term Of the four dimensions offered to efficiently attend to adversity, ownership refers to:a. the degree to which adversity results other facets of a person"s life. b. the expected length of the adversity. c. the level to which a perboy thinks he or she have the right to influence whatever before happens following. d. the level of accountability that a perboy assumes to boost the situation
Definition D
Term ________ is the act of reading and also using cues from the atmosphere to assess one"s actions.a. Self-awareness b. Self-review c. Self-security d. Self-actualization
Definition C
Term High self-monitors:a. tfinish to be more internally focused than low-self monitors. b. do not read ecological and social cues. c. exhibit actions that is more continuous in different instances. d. are more adaptive to readjust than low self-monitors.
Definition D
Term 3 primary categories of Power:
Definition -Power related to position in organization-Power concerned individual characteristics-Power pertained to interindividual relationships or netfunctions.
Term Influence
Definition process of using the power you have to influence preferred responses in others
Term Positional power
Definition power that comes from an individual"s formal place w/in an organization"s structure
Term personal power
Definition power that is obtained from having personal features that others desire
Term relational power
Definition power acquired from the netfunctions to which an individual belongs, the civilization in those netfunctions, and the toughness of relationships w/in networks
Term Types of postion power: -Legitimate power
Definition power that is based on the formal postion an individual holds in an organization
Term Type of postion power: reward power
Definition power that offers someone the capacity to reward an additional for their behavior
Term form of position power: coercive power
Definition power that provides someone that capability to punish another for their behavior
Term positional power vs. personal power(characteristics)
Definition pos: formal authority, centrality, flexibility, visibility, relevance per: specialization, effort, attractiveness, legitimacy
Term 2 Types of personal power and the definition
Definition Expert: power based on an individual having specialized knowledge or skillsReferent: power based upon the individual liking an individual has actually for another
Term Breadth: kinds of netfunctions and also the diversity of call w/in those networks: 3
Definition -task: exvhange of certain project associated resources-career: human being who provides career direction and also guidance-social: mobilize sources, transmit details, and carry out peer coaching.
Term Network power: 5
Definition -cenbtrality-breadth-durationstrength: core= close bonds, extended: acquaintances -portability of relationships
Term Sharing Power:2 ways
Definition -empowerment of others-coalitions: widespread interemainder and also perspectives
Term 2 steps of influence
Definition 1) select affect style and influence tactics2) Use certain influence values as "tools of influence"
Term 1) select affect style and also influence tactics:what are the 3 styles to select from?
Definition -pushing style: persuading and also asserting-pulling: bridging (engaging others) and also attracting -relocating amethod style: disengaging
Term 2) Use particular affect ethics as "weapons of influence" 3 principles
Definition 1) reciprocation principle2) commitment and consistency princple: when a choice is made, that is it3) social proof principle: individual evaluate what is correct by listening to or observing others
Term 3 affecting principles:
Definition 1) liking principle: suggests that someone will certainly be even more most likely to say yes to one more individual they like2) authority:3) scarcity principle; avenues seem more practical as soon as they"re limited
Term ________ refers to the means or car by which power is worked out.a. Influenceb. Intelligence c. Innovation d. Inspiration
Definition A
Term Which of the adhering to best describes legitimate power?a. A form of interpersonal power that is based on the formal place an individual holds in an company b. A form of interpersonal power that provides someone the capability to punish an additional for his or her habits c. A kind of interpersonal power that offers someone the ability to reward one more for his or her behavior d. A form of interindividual power based on an individual having specialized understanding or skills
Definition A
Term A kind of interpersonal power based on the individual liking an individual has for one more is called ________ power.a. legitimate b. referent c. professional d. coercive
Definition B
Term ________ power is obtained from the types of netfunctions to which an individual belongs and the kinds of civilization in those networks.a. Coercive b. Legitimate c. Relational d. Referent
Definition C
Term Employees" passive resistance to power refers to:a. doing all that is forced out of fear. b. failing to execute what is asked on time.c. doing what is asked without interemainder. d. pretfinishing to agree yet doing nothing.
Definition D
Term The three primary responses to managerial decisions are:a. resistance, commitment, and also compliance. b. compliance, opplace, and conflict. c. anticipation, inhibition, and submissiveness. d. acceptance, readiness, and also dedication.

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Definition A
Term ________ is a phenomenon that exists as soon as 2 firms are equally dependent on the other.a. Interdependence b. Joint dependence c. Empowerment d. Dependence asymmetry
Definition B
Term Which of the adhering to is the last action in exercising power via influence?a. Choosing an affect style b. Using particular affect principles c. Assessing performance d. Building sources of power
Definition C
Term Of the three main layouts of influence, pulling involves:a. persuading. b. disengaging. c. bridging. d. asserting.
Definition C
Term Which of the complying with layouts of affect is useful once the requestors want to alleviate or diffusage conflict?a. Persuading b. Bridging c. Attracting d. Disengaging
Definition D