They are diploblastic, they are radially symmetric, they are deuterostomes. or tbelow are 2 standard body plans; they are either a polyp, a medusa, or both.

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Answer: *Cnidarians are NOT deuterostomes.


Cnidarians include Hydrozoa (tiny freshwater and marine invertebrates), Cubozoa (such as Box Jellyfish), Scyphozoa (favor Jellyfish), and Anthozoa (consists of sea anemones and coral). All cnidarians share a distinctive trait: stinging nematocysts attached to tentacles.

*Cnidarians are diploblastic (Their body wall tworries are composed of just two layers: ectoderm and also

endoderm; They absence the middle layer, mesoderm uncovered in better organisms).

*Cnidarians do have actually radial symmetry (They have body symmetry about a main axis).

*Cnidarians do have actually two basic body forms: Polyps (many cnidarians have actually an asex-related reproductive body develop referred to as an asessile polyp) and also Medusa(e) (A free-floating/swimming develop that reproduces sexually). However before, some cnidarians, such as Sea Anemones, lack free-floating body forms, and also sindicate release polyps to redevelop.

*Cnidarians are NOT deuterostomes. Deuterosomes include: Chordata (vertebprices, etc.); chinodermata (sea urchins, starfish, sea cucumbers); and also Hemichordata (acorn worms and related);

Cnidarians are not protostomes, either. Protostomes include: arthropods (crabs, crayfish,and so on.), annelids (earthworms, leeches, and so on.), and also molluscs (including squid, octopus, snails, slugs).

-Animals such as Cnidarians and also Ctenophores (Comb Jellies) are classified in the team of pets having radial symmeattempt, this team is referred to as "Radiata.

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-Animals through bilateral symmeattempt are classified in the group called "Bilateria." Bilateria includes both deuterostomes and protostomes.