You’re Pluto!

You always have actually your best pal’s back and also love nothing more than spending time through your friends. Your optimistic outlook will take you much.

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You"re Copper!

You’re adventurous, curious, and open-hearted. Your friendships are vital to you, and you’re willing to carry out anypoint to safeguard them.

You"re Bruno!

You’re loyal, hard-working, and patient. Your friends know they deserve to always count on you, no issue what.

You"re Nana!

Your no-nonfeeling exterior is practically as powerful as your loving heart. You’re exceptionally protective of your friends, but likewise desire to be part of the adventure! All it takes is a little faith and trust…

You"re Bolt!

You’re extroverted, imaginative, and also ready for adventure. You’re up for any kind of challenges that can come your way, and also you start every day through a smile.

You"re Dug!

You’re an excellent communicator and always on the lookout for brand-new friends. You love brand-new experiences just as much as the comforts of residence. Squirrel!

You"re Max!

You love adendeavor, the salty air, and your friends. You have great instincts and a great heart.

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You"re Pongo!

You’re smart, great at difficulty addressing, and would certainly do anypoint for you household. You’re an excellent judge of character, so trust your instincts!

You"re Slinky!

You’re fun loving, basic going, and an all about good person. You’re constantly ready to lfinish a helping hand, or provide some great advice, to those around you.

You"re Lady!

You love the finer points in life, but adapt pretty well to any kind of instance. You’re tougher than you look, and you look beautiful!

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