If you’re choose us, you haven’t been able to sheight squealing around exactly how unbelievably cute Finding Dory is. A big component of this love, nay, obsession, originates from the all-star cast of characters that make up the film. Click on your zodiac sign listed below to discover your unforgettable Finding Dory astrological twin!


You"re Hank!

Similar to Hank, Aquarius indications are deep thinkers (or is it deep inkers?) who love freedom and helping others, whether evident or not. You might have a shy or even aggressive nature yet you also have clear visions and also understand precisely what you desire.

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You"re Squirt!

Similar to our favorite little bit tubular turtle, you have an energetic and perhaps rough personality. You take action conveniently, periodically even before thinking, specifically when it concerns correctly surfing a existing. You’re normally brave through a lot of power.

You"re Marlin!

This is a sign that’s extremely reliable and also secure, and hence can be extremely stubborn. You are exceptionally committed to whatever you execute and also favor to follow the rules—particularly the one about not going to the drop-off. Similar to this fatherly fish, you’re overprotective of loved ones and occasionally don’t prefer readjust.

You"re Nemo!

Two various fins, two various sides of your personality. While both sides are expressive and quick-witted, you bounce between being sociable and fun-loving or thoughtful and restless. Everything in the world fascinates you and also you want to experience it all—even poignant the “butt”.

You"re Charlie (Dory"s dad)!

This sea creature is very intuitive and also sentipsychological and also he is very attached to everyone in his life. You both are extremely figured out beings and perfectly happy via having actually a loving household. Even when joking approximately, it is of utmost importance to you to assist your family members.

You"re Becky!

Don’t let anyone speak to you bird-brained. Leos are organic born leaders that deserve to achieve and fix anything… although it’s not always so obvious. With a flair for drama and also self-confidence, you take several initiative and often lug teams of civilization together.

You"re Mr. Ray!

Virgos have actually a deep feeling of mankind that provides them extremely mindful yet likewise exceptionally caring about others. You’re exceptionally arranged even in ways that only make sense to you. Like this tireless teacher, you’re detail oriented and can easily remember a thousand facts around the sea. You’re likewise great at interacting and making speeches. Perhaps you must attempt your hand also at coming up through a species-naming ditty to sing!

You"re Jenny (Dory"s mom)!

Libras, prefer Dory’s mother, have actually an expressive intellect and also hate being alone. You also love beautiful things (choose decorations for your undersea home) and also are extremely cooperative. These instincts expect you are always calm and fair.

You"re an Otter!

More than just being incredibly adorable, otters are wonderful leaders and extremely resourceful. These identified creatures, favor you, always save calm and also cool also in the scariest instances. Your passionate nature renders for the finest cuddle parties!

You"re Dory!

You and also Dory are both super friendly and also have a tendency to discover yourself through all various kinds of human being and also beings—clown fish, whale sharks, or septopsupplies ring a bell? Curious and energetic, you love to take a trip almost everywhere from the East Australian Current near Sydney to the Marine Life Institute in California. Hopeful and enthusiastic, you and also this imperial tang deserve to do anypoint to make your objectives occur.

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You"re Bailey!

Capricorns are very helpful and also perhaps the most significant authorize of the zodiac. You are extremely responsible and periodically even stubborn around what you believe in, yet additionally have actually a great amount of self-control.

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