What are producers and also consumers? Consumers buy items and also services to accomplish their wants, and also producers make goods and also services. This video from the Explore Economics series for children helps them understand also that civilization are both consumers and producers. It provides easy-to-understand examples.

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Kids are urged to be producers by making a bookmark, and then to be consumers by using a booknote to host their location in a book. Students learn a song around products and also services.

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Let’s explore a little economics.

Today we are going to talk around consumers and also producers. Before we start, you may desire to obtain a item of building and construction paper, a pair of scissors, some markers or crayons, and also a book that you are analysis.

The civilization you see right here are producers. Producers are world who make or prosper items and also administer services. Sometimes they are referred to as employees, and they assist us carry out points. For instance, a florist is a producer that makes pretty bouquets. A baker is a producer that cooks up yummy cakes, and also a painter is a producer who creates artwork for us to admire.

Can you name these producers? (PAUSE)Doctors, hair stylists, landscapers, and also mechanics are producers.

When you attract a photo, or as soon as you make cookies, you are a producer.

People are consumers, also. The civilization you check out here are drinking a smoothie, shopping for groceries, and also playing in a sandbox. Consumers are civilization who buy or usage items and also services to fulfill their desires. When you eat your dinner, you will be a customer. You’ll be hungry and eating a meal will make you feel complete. You’ll be a customer of food. You are also a customer as soon as you go to institution. You are finding out. You are consuming knowledge.

Can you name these consumers? (PAUSE)When civilization buy points, use skateboards, or watch movies, they are consumers.

Now it is time for you to be a producer. Use the scissors to reduced a rectangle favor this one from the construction paper. Use the markers to decoprice the rectangle like a bookmark—possibly choose this.(You deserve to pause this video while you make your bookmark—or, store watching if you’d favor to think about it a little!)Congratulations! You are a producer. You developed a booknote. Now it is time for you to be a consumer!

Open your book and also usage the booknote to conserve your spot. You are using a good—a bookmark. Congratulations! You are a customer. People are consumers and producers.

Now it is time to learn a little song about consumers and also producers. Let’s sing our song.

We’ll display you the words so you can sing along. Just follow the bouncing ball.

The farmers that thrive our food, flourish our food, thrive our food, the farmers that prosper our food, they are producers.

The people that gobble it up, gobble it up, gobble it up, the people that gobble it up—they are consumers.

When I make a new booknote, brand-new booknote, brand-new bookmark—as soon as I make a brand-new booknote, I am a producer.

When I use my cool booknote, cool booknote, cool bookmark—when I usage my cool bookmark, I am a customer.

When human being make goods and also solutions, goods and solutions, items and also services—as soon as civilization make items and services, they are producers.

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When they usage the points created, the points produced, the points produced—as soon as they use the things created, they are consumers.


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