K-pop would not be the means it is at the moment if tbelow didn't exist the Bigbang boys' team. Over the years, Bigbang members contribution to the music market has been phenomenal, and therefore the group boasts of an extensive fan base. Their genre and live performances have actually hitherto been prominent to the majority of artists roughly the human being.

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1. G-Dragon

Below is the profile of the leader of Bigbang members G Dragon.

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xxxibgdrgnSource: InstagramBirth name: Kwon Ji YongDate of birth: August 18th, 1988Age: 31 yearsZodiac sign: LeoPlace of birth: Seoul, South KoreaBlood group: APosition: Leader, vocalist, face of the team, and also rapperS3xual orientation: StraightMarital status: Not marriedRandom facts about the memberHe has a sister by the name Kwon Dami.He became a member of Little Roora at the age of 7.The singer is modest in real life. He is very shy.G-Dragon is the leading lutz-heilmann.infoposer and producer of the group.He has a nickname Iguana Idol bereason of his tendency to adjust hair colors.Many kind of fans think about him as the king of K-pop.

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2. Taeyang

Taeyang is yet one more Bigbang members name you will certainly lutz-heilmann.infoe throughout.


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_youngbaeSource: InstagramBirth name: Dong Yong BaeDate of birth: May 18th, 1988Age: 31 yearsZodiac sign: TaurusPlace of birth: Ujeongbu, Gyeonggi-perform, South KoreaBlood group: BPosition: Main dancer and vocalistS3xual orientation: StraightMarital status: MarriedRandom facts about TaeyungHe is eloquent in Japanese, English, and also Korean.His typically supplied name, Taeyun, implies "sun".Taeyun once went on a blind day via Yuri, the member of Girl's Generation.He dated and married actress Jung Eun-ran A.K.A. Min Hyo Rin.He came 4first in The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2018, according to TC Candler.

3. T.O.P

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choi_seung_hyun_tttopSource: InstagramBirth name: Choi Seung-HyunDate of birth: November fourth, 1987Age: 32 yearsZodiac sign: ScorpioPlace of birth: Seoul, South KoreaBlood group: BPosition: Vocalist, lead rapper, visualS3xual orientation: StraightMarital status: Not married

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Random facts about Choi Seung-HyunT.O.P has actually an elder sister by the name Choi Hye Yoon.He is the jokestar in the group.YG when rejected the singer bereason he was also overweight to lutz-heilmann.infoe to be an idol.His hobbies are swimming, analysis books, and also doing silly things.He has acted in movies and also dramas.
xdaesungSource: InstagramBirth name: Kang DaesungDate of birth: April 26, 1989Age: 30 yearsZodiac sign: TaurusPlace of birth: Incheon, South KoreaBlood group: OPosition: Maknae, Lead VocalistS3xual orientation: StraightMarital status: Not marriedRandom facts around DaesungHe is the youngest of the four members.He has an elder sister referred to as Bora.In Japan, he is the many renowned of all the band also members. He is taken into consideration a s3xy and also poor boy in Japan.He has actually a nickname Smiling Angel.

How old are Bigbang members?

With due consideration to Bigbang members birthdays, it is noticeable that every one of them are listed below the age of 35 years. The lutz-heilmann.infoparison in terms of Bigbang members' age is as follows.

Choi Seung-Hyun (T.O.P) is the eldest (32 years), lutz-heilmann.infoplied with by Taeyang and also G-Dragon at 31 years and the youngest being Daesung at 30 years.

Bigbang members elevation and also weight

One interesting truth about the members of this South Korean teams is their physique. A proper lutz-heilmann.infobination of elevation and also weight has made them the envy of many type of roughly the world. The statistical dimensions tell it all.

1. G-Dragon

Height: 5'10" or 177 cmWeight: 58 kg or 128 pounds

2. Taeyang

Height: 5'9" or 174 cmWeight: 56 kg or 123 pounds

3. Daesung

Height: 5'10" or 178 cmWeight: 63 kg or 139 pounds

4. T.O.P

Height: 5'11" or 181 cmWeight: 65 kg or 143 pounds

Bigbang members in military

Considering that army training and also lutz-heilmann.infopany is mandatory in South Korea, it goes without saying that all the 4 members have actually had actually a opportunity to enlist.

G-Dragon joined the military on February 27th, 2018. He finished the training on October 28th. T.O.P, on the various other hand, was endetailed right into the army on February ninth, 2017. He served as a conscripted policeman prior to being discharged on July 6th, 2019.

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The third and also the fourth members, Taeyang and also Daesung, obtained endetailed on March 12th and 13th of 2017 respectively and were discharged the following year on November 10th.

Bigbang members girlfriends and dating histories

Are Bigbang members dating? Well, a majority of them are unmarried at the minute, except for Taeyung. He gained married to his longtime girlfriend, Jung Eun-Ran. Nonethemuch less, their partnership backgrounds are as follows;

G-Dragon's relationships condition stays unclear at the moment. However, in the previous, he has actually dated Kiko Mizuhara, Nana Komatsu, Ahn So Hee, Sulli, Sandara, and also Joeyon. T.O.P, on his part, confessed to having dated only 3 ladies. Among the lucky women is Shin Min-ADaesung has been single throughout. He seems to have actually no time for a romantic relationship through any girl.

Bigbang members Instagram and social media platforms

A majority of the members are social media fans that boast of a substantial lutz-heilmann.infoplying with. You have the right to save yourself updated about their future tasks by following them, using the web links below. Bigbang's social media accounts are as follows:


Bigbang members cars and net worth

Who is the richest of all the four members? Bigbang is no doubt a well-known band also which has actually obtained numerous awards and endorsements. The team has a net worth of over $40 million. G-Dragon is the wealthiest, followed by Taeyang.

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If you are a fan of the South Korean music and also entertainment sector, then Bigbang members are not brand-new to you. As at the moment, the boys' band has actually four members dvery own from the previous 5. Over the years, the band has grown to lutz-heilmann.infoe to be among the biggest boys groups in the world. The members are admired everywhere the human being for their effective and lutz-heilmann.infomanding vocals.