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I like to have some structure to my day, and I like to work hard. It’s fine.That seems pretty boring to me.I can do that. I can totally do that.I have a lot of unique skills, but I need a work situation that will work with me to fit my needs.I’ve worked hard in my life, but honestly working hard is not all that it takes to get what you want. You have to be willing to bend some rules.I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.

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If by a certain lifestyle then you mean basic comforts like a maid and a spa, then yes.I have literally lived in an attic. So no.No. Definitely not. I could absolutely live a simple life.Mom takes care of me.I’m pretty flexible. I like to follow my dreams more than I care about money.

I try to run away.I get confused and ask them if they want my money.I try to protect my family.I sell out my family.I find a creative way to make it look like I’m protecting my family while still ending up with the money.I think that I have created a foolproof plan, but really I just roofie myself.

I may have an unhealthily close relationship with one of my parents.I don’t want anyone to get close enough to know all my secrets. I take care of myself.I’m emotionally needy and require a lot of reassurance.I need a lot of attention, so I can’t function too well on my own.I don’t like to work much but I like a lot of money. I need a sugar daddy/mommy.I think I have a decent balance of independence and connection, but sometimes I connect with toxic people.
Not particularly.I try to be, but they can be incredibly challenging.I’ve had a period of estrangement from my family.I am pretty close to my family, but mostly because I rely on them for many things.I love my family! I never want to be far away from them.I want to be close to my family, but I do not understand many of them, so I’m only close to a few members.
I distract people and pretend the problem doesn’t exist.I run away from the problem.I throw money at the problem.I ask for help.I try to adapt and get around the problem through creative thinking.I try to problem solve with critical thinking skills and by learning from my mistakes.
Mostly rebellious acts to spite my parents.Difficult. I have a hard time being emotional.There’s only ever been one person for me.Cougars. Always cougars.Torrid and confusing.Mostly stable, but still involving some heartbreak.
I work harder.I drink.I shop.I ask my doctor for something to calm me down.Go home and have someone take care of me.Run away.

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My whole family being kind to each other.New clothes.An amazing bottle of wine from a very rare vintage.The love of my life.A parental figure to help me take care of all my problems.Magic!
Once or twice.Does rehab count as jail?I’ve been in the army which is basically jail.Of course not!Only my parents household, which is worse than jail.No one could ever capture me!
Coo coo ca chaaa!A coodle doodle doo.Che chaw che chaw.Ca ca caw! Ca ca caw!I don’t know but they definitely don’t clap.Cluck cluck cluck.

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