In the above video which we produced in 2016, we explore many of the filming places THEN and NOW of the 1958 MGM film Some Came Running, which for a brief while, practically turned the city of Madikid, Indiana into the fictional Parkguy.

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Directed by Vincente Minnelli and starring powerhouse actors of their time (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine), the film is actually collection in 1948 as an author/Army veteran (Sinatra) retransforms to the Midwest, his residence.

It was based upon the book of the very same name, written by James Jones, that also wrote From Here to Eternity, which itself came to be a significant activity photo. The story was semi-autobiographical as Jones had in mind his rerotate residence to Robinchild, Illinois.


The title itself, Some Came Running, was a take from a prologue and epilogue within the book which starts with the primary character Dave Hirsch in WWII and also making use of the expression around Germans… “They came running through the fog”), and the epilogue having an additional character in the Korean War, using the phrase “They came running with the paddy fields.”

According to The Courier News, MacLaine reported that Sinatra was mobbed by local woguy and at one point a womale damaged via a rope barrier, flinging herself at the singing star, via her husband also shouting “Helen, you don’t also understand the man!”.

Besides Madichild, other scenes were swarm in Hanover, Milton, Kentucky and of course, Los Angeles, The golden state.

It was Sinatra’s first film through Martin and also MacLaine would be nominated for an Academy Award for her performance as ‘Ginny’.

The movie was also nominated for Oscars for Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Initial Track and also Best Costume Design.

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According to filmmaker Richard Linklater on via Rotten Tomatoes, the film is “one of the great ’50s melodramas, and it’s kind of prefer a musical without the music, but it has actually a good score, of course. I saw it in my early- to mid-20s, and also it just really affected me. It’s about a guy who goes back to his hometown wbelow his brother is a influential citizen. He’s a stalled-out, blocked writer, and he’s been a soldier, and also a worker, and a would-be novelist, and he’s type of a gambler and also a drinker — this is Sinatra, of course, the conflicted one — and also he lives in 2 civilizations. Since he’s a publiburned writer, he has actually the respect of the local English teacher and also her brvarious other — the respectable civilization of literature — yet he really has a soft spot for bars and also gambling and also floozies and the Shirley MacLaine character. And then you’ve gained Gwen French, who’s played by Martha Hyer, who’s the uptight college teacher. So it’s all these opposites colliding — respectcapacity, debauchery… It’s wonderfully melodramatic and beauticompletely made… It’s about male friendship too. I take into consideration it type of the first Rat Pack movie, although it’s simply Dean and Frank via Shirley roughly too. It doesn’t have actually a lot of the other civilization, however it’s the first one to capture these guys gambling and hanging out and that camaraderie. They become roommates and also go on, like, a expedition to Terre Haute, IN, to go gambling. It’s just wonderful.