Catching a wild Abra in Pokémon Blue have the right to be among the the majority of frustrating and also time consuming points to perform in the game, however that feeling as soon as you finally manage to succeed provides it totally worth it. 

The sleepy psychic pokémon does not make it right into everyone’s roster, however he’s a worthy addition to the database. Read on to discover out just how to capture Abra in Pokémon Blue (NOTE: The same overview applies to Pokémon Red, too). 

Where to discover Abra in Pokémon Blue?

Head north from Cerulean City

Abra is uncovered on Route 24 and also 25 in Pokémon Blue, which is situated simply outside of Cerulean City. Ssuggest head north from Cerulean City and also follow the route. 

Head past these world and turn left

You’ll walk previous a variety of Cerulean citizens on this route, proceed ahead and revolve left at the top of the route. 

Patch of grass where wild Abra is located

You’ll then check out a patch of grass across the river parallel to the road you have actually just taken. This is where you’ll discover Abra. It might take a few turns to ultimately find one, but via a bit of persistence a wild Abra should shortly rotate up. It’s likely that you’ll initially encounter Caterpies, Bellsprouts, Metapods, and also Pidgeys.

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How to catch Abra in Pokémon Blue?

Abra teleports amethod from the fight

To capture Abra in Pokémon Blue you’ll have to exercise a lot of patience. It deserve to take a long time. Not only stumbling upon a wild Abra in the grass, however also obtaining one to stick around lengthy enough to catch it before it teleports away. 

The finest method to capture an Abra is to put it to sleep and launch pokeballs at it until you ultimately succeed in capturing it. Sleep powder functions well here. 

If you’re travelling without pokémon through the capability to induce sleep it’s still possible to catch Abra, yet you’ll require also more patience. 

In this instance simply strike Abra once to drainpipe its health. More often than not, Abra will certainly teleport amethod as quickly as it is hit. On the occasion that Abra sticks approximately, though, throw a pokeround forward and pray for the finest – eventually, you’ll capture Abra!

What level does Abra evolve?

Catching Abra

In Pokémon Blue,Red, and also Yellow, Abra have the right to evolve into Kadabra starting from level 16. Kadabra is a Psychic form pokémon that learns some powerful strikes as it levels up such as Psybeam (LV 27), Psychic (LV 38), and Reflect (LV 42). 

Training your Abra to evolve right into a Kadabra is absolutely worth it as Kadabra is lightyears ahead of Abra in all ways and also, despite still having sensibly low Attack and also Defense stats, it is a good pokémon to start fights via due to its Speed. Having a Psychic type pokémon in your team is always a great principle, and also Kadabra has actually the exceptionally advantageous capacity to confuse adversaries, as well. 

How to evolve Kadabra?

Ash vs Alakazam

In Pokémon Blue, Red, and Yellow, evolving Kadabra right into Alakazam needs a trading partner. As shortly as you trade a Kadabra with a friend, it will evolve right into an Alakazam, offering you among the most effective Psychic type Pokémon in the entirety game.

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If you have actually Pokémon Fire Red, you can stop Kadabra from trade-evolving via an Everrock. 

If you’re playing on an emulator that doesn’t enable trading, follow this evolving trade-developed pokémon overview below. 

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