Call of Duty Infinite Warfare has 12 Equipment Upgrades scattered across 9 Armory Locations. Finding all unlocks the Fully Equipped Trophy / Achievement.

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The following devices must be upgraded:


ATAD (V1)Hacking Device (V1)Retractable Shield (V1)Foam Wall surface (V1)


Frag Grenade (V2)Shock Grenade (V2)Seeker-Bot (V2)Anti-Gravity Grenade (V2)

Equipment Upgrade Locations:

Operation Port Armor: Civilian Terminal (In armory, you go here instantly as component of the story)Operation Port Armor: Boarding Party (When the 3 minute evacuation timer starts this is noted as a primary objective in a room to your right)Operation Port Armor: Boarding Party (Shortly after the last place you need to peek open a door and also go right into a hangar via numerous adversaries. Here you have to usage a switch to open up the hangar doors (the switch is an unmissable main objective). Upon using the switch you should gain one tools upgrade. This one gave me the majority of trouble and it just dropped in 2 out of 10 playthroughs. After 3 hours of experimentation I can not determine any necessity for it to drop, it simply seems random or glitched. So if you don’t gain it replay the mission a dozen times. If you are one upgrade brief it’s likely this one you are absent.Ship Assault: Operation Taken Dagger (At the finish of mission, in the armory)Ship Assault: Operation D-Con (After initially room through enemies you go into a burning corridor. Go up the stairs by the ammo refill box on the left of the corridor. Here you find a rather surprise armory. Inside is an upgrade console)Ship Assault: Operation D-Con (At the finish of mission, in the armory)Ship Assault: Operation Deep Execute (In the armory that’s marked as your primary objective)Burn Water: Refinery (Shortly after the begin you go through a damaged fence and drop dvery own. In front of you are 2 buildings. Check the building on the left. Easy to miss this one.)Black Flag: Prisoner Escort (About 3 minutes right into the mission you concerned the city roadways. Tright here are many type of bbest indications and also advertisements on the buildings. At the finish of the road you have to jump up a burning structure. On the top floor is the armory via the upgrade. This is before going with the bike store).

There’s a consingle in specific armories. Interact via it to unlock brand-new upgrades.Nopoint is missable, you have the right to obtain whatever via mission pick after beating the game! Just make sure you reach the following checksuggest to conserve the development. After that you deserve to quit out to the main menu and also move on to the following location.You deserve to check your equipment prior to objectives when you customize your loadout. Just load up among the Retribution objectives and in the time of loadout customization examine on your devices (for example “Retribution: Aftermath”). You should watch that it says V1 or V2 on devices items. That’s the upgrade level! Tactical tools has actually just 1 upgrade (V1). Lethal equipment has actually 2 upgrades (V2).

You get 2 upgrades from places #4, ##7, #9. Everything else provides only one upgrade. It is totally randomized what upgrade you will acquire. It’s various for each player, yet it’s constantly guaranteed to give you a new upgrade you haven’t unlocked before.Pay additional attention on place #3 cause it’s from a primary mission objective. This one provided me most trouble. It just dropped in 2 out of 10 playthroughs. After trying for 3 hrs I might not determine any requirement for it to drop. It just appears random or glitched. If you are one upgrade brief it’s probably #3 you are missing. Just replay the mission a dozen times and it must unlock ultimately.

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Armories you have formerly offered will certainly have actually a red lockdown display screen and you cannot interact with them aget.