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Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse
Unfortunately, following weeks episode of "True Blood" suggests the end of an additional excellent seachild of this show, and a lengthy wait untilseaboy six starts in June 2013. So in honour of the finishing of an additional seaboy, I believed it a fitting time to look at the amazing name of the major character - Sookie Stackhouse.Sookie is pronounced as SOO-essential (sounds favor cookie). "True Blood" has actually produced a lot of interest in this name - webwebsite www.parenting.comreports that Sookie has actually been just one of the many searched girls names on their site in 2010 and also 2011. However this so much does not seem to be translating to actual usage, asSookie is yet to crack the optimal 1000 in America and also definitely does not price a point out in Australian charts.Sookie is an unexplained names that has actually been offered not only in "True Blood" which is based upon the Charlaine Harris novels, yet also in "Gileven more Girls" in the form of kooky chef Sookie St James, and as the name of Claire Danes" character in the movie "Igby Goes Down". For those acquainted via the name via these personalities, youpossibly think that Sookie is a cute name, slightly left of centre butquite lovable.Sookie isthmust originate from Susanna or Susan, and all three mean"Lily". Of course, the name Lily is a peak 10 name in America and England also, and also a height 20 name in Australia. So tright here is a possibility that maybe civilization will certainly begin to look to Sookie as an different to the wildly famous Lily.So why hasn"t Sookie taken off the method the names from that various other massive vampire franchise - Twilight - have? Isabella and Jacob swarm up the charts as soon as those movies entered manufacturing, and let"s challenge it, vampires are warm appropriate currently. Here"s what I think are the mainfactors that have actually added to it"s much less than stellar performance on the charts: 1 -it"s similarity to a particular "Jersey Shore" "celebrealty" called Snooki. The similarity is far also close for comfort, through a lot of parents wanting to keep any type of comparisons to this controversial character as far amethod from their daughters as possible (with good reason!)2 - in Australia, "sookie" - or the moreelaborate"sookie-la-la" - is an additional word for a crybaby. You"re simply asking for your daughter to be the butt of jokes if you give her the name Sookie in Australia.3 - civilization tend to check out Sookie as even more of a pet name, both figuratively and literally. Yes, on sites such as www.babynames.comwright here you deserve to uppack photos of your priceless bit ones you don"t view photos of happy children, simply cute bit puppy dogs.Sookie might be one name that"s ideal left to the civilization of movies and also TV, wright here civilization do not acquire teased for their names unmuch less it"s a critical plot line.

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Or if you really desire to use it, stick to Susanna with the nickname Sookie rather. It"s a shame.I can fullyunderstand why you"d desire to name a daughter after the brave, intriguing Sookie Stackhouse.