Not Gay Jared (aka Jared Monroe) is a conservative political commentator and media personality some can recognize from his appearances on Louder via Crowder, a talk display held by Steven Crowder. 

Jared quit in 2018, having spent three years working on the program as a consistent actors member and producer. So, what happened?

As a right-wing commentator and also media personality, Jared voiced opinions on topics choose "gay privilege" in the time of his appearances on Louder via Crowder.

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In an infamed episode, he and Steven ventured so far regarding hit up an Antifa protest through the hope of exposing some of the trick methods and techniques the radical-leftist political activity counts on to perform justice for the oppressed and also the underprivileged. 


Titled "#UnderCoverANTIFA: RAW FOOTAGE | Louder With Crowder," the initially 4 minutes of the video reflects a group of young human being sitting on a bench — which is intermittently interrupted by footage of the grass patch in front of them. 

The second part of the video functions a conversation on that owns what kind of weapons. At the same time, Stalso and Jared crack a couple of jokes on whistling, an activity a young male named Will attempts to execute in the video. 

Throughout his time on Louder through Crowder, Jared came to be connected in miscellaneous sketches and also talk show-style discussions revolving roughly sex duties. 


Take "I'm Just a Bill (Transsex Schoolhouse Rock Parody!)," a video clip around the heavily-challenged bathroom bill. 

Some commentators struck the bill for reinforcing long-obsolete misconceptions about the threat trans human being pose to cis woguys. The comedy sketch displayed on Louder through Crowder supplies a radically different take. 

The clip focuses on Steven, that claims that he possesses the capacity to adjust genders overnight. He wears a costume that looks like a roll of paper throughout the video. In a scene, he attempts to use lipstick via bit success — much to his partner's disappointment.  

"I'm passing the torch," Jared announced throughout the August 8, 2018 episode of the display, titled "A Very NotGayJared Farewell!".

Reportedly, he left the show because he and his companion were expecting a baby. 

"He left bereason he's having a child," created a Redditor. 


"Yes this was the official story. It might be true too. I have no reason to doubt it various other than vague circumspection about exactly how quickly after Svencomputer systems exit it was. Its probobly a boy though," asserted one more Redditor. 

"I heard that Jared had actually gone complete 1488?" pondered another perchild. 

According to some rumors circulating on social media, his abrupt leave could have had actually to do via the long-standing financial difficulties the show was encountering.

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As a concept has actually it, several cast members weren't passist on time. Some, prefer Sven Computer, were reportedly owed as a lot as $10,000. 

scrowder appears to be melting dvery own behind the scenes even even more than he is publicly. Apparently he owes someone called Sven Computer $10k in unpassist wages and it's been tearing the ream apart (not an endorsement of Owen Benjamin)," one perkid tweeted. Unfortunately, neither Jared nor Steven have actually been outspoken about why Jared left or about any financial hardship, so we could have to chock this one approximately a rumor.