Are you trying to find “perm salon near me - Lawton?” At Lemon Tree Hair Salons, our stylists are proficient in standard and also designer perms. A basic perm is perfect for those through short to tool length hair. Whether you desire wavy volume or tight, bouncy curls, a perm can carry out the trick.

Be certain to comment on the look you are going for with your hair stylist. After your treatment, your stylist will give you at-house care tips and recommfinish the ideal assets to maintain the health of your hair and promote a long-lasting perm.

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As a Focus Hair Salon, we feature Paul Mitchell assets specifically | Find Out More

Designer Perms

At Lemon Tree Hair Salons, we provide designer perms for those through a details look in mind or hard to manage hair. Perhaps you’re looking for a perm style that our fundamental perm does not cover; through the designer perm alternative we will certainly assist you produce the perfect look you desire. If you have overly treated hair, a designer perm that provides softer volume and reduced heat may be crucial.


Those “simply left the beach” waves don’t need to be a summertime-only look. With a bodywave treatment from your neighborhood Lemon Tree Hair Salon, you deserve to achieve this beachy vibe all year long. Or probably you are trying to find tighter curls and also bouncy volume? Lemon Tree is the “perm salon close to me” that has the answer. Our perm treatments have the right to bring you the style you dream of, no issue the current state of your hair. Just stop through your hair stylist in Lawton in the time of your consultation to uncover out what is the ideal choice for your hair. Don’t waste anyeven more time in search of “perms near me.” Just sheight in to your neighborhood Lemon Tree and we’ll provide you the curls you’re dreaming around.

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Curling & Smoopoint

Standard Wrap

Hairreduced not included


Keratin Smoothing Treatment


Designer Wrap

Haircut not included


Keratin Smoothing

We offer keratin therapies for those that want semi-irreversible straightening and healthier hair in its entirety.

Lemon Tree Hair Salons - Lawton is proud to be a locally owned and also operated hair salon. We are component of a larger household of Lemon Tree Hair Salons, all locally owned and also operated in many areas of the country. We at Lemon Tree Hair Salons - Lawton are proud of our brand"s affluent history of giving high high quality salon solutions at worth pricing for the previous 45 years! We worth our remarkable talent and are always excited to sell our full variety of worth priced, skilled salon services, consisting of Perms. So please, next time you discover yourself browsing virtual for "Perms close to me" in Lawton, feel free to soptimal by and discover for yourself the Lemon Tree difference!