15.Whenever a sales department demands products, it sends the purchasing department a kind referred to as a(n) ___________________.

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16.The Freight In account must have actually a(n) ____________________ balance.

17.Purchases of merchandise on crmodify have to be taped in the ____________________ journal.

18.The create sent to the supplier to order products is dubbed a(n) ___________________.

19.Because they are liability accounts, creditor's accounts in the accounts payable ledger usually have ____________________ balances.

20.Purchases returns and also allowances are videotaped in the ____________________ journal if a firm does not have a purchases returns and allowances journal.

21.An allowance obtained from a creditor is posted to the ____________________ column of the creditor's account.

22.The enattempt to document a rerevolve of merchandise purchased on crmodify includes a delittle to the ____________________ account in the basic ledger.

23.After damaged goods are reverted, the supplier issues a(n) ____________________ memorandum.

24.A list of creditors and the balances owed to them is called a schedule of ___________________.

25.When an accounts payable ledger is offered, the Accounts Payable account in the general ledger becomes a(n) ____________________ account.

26.In a little firm, the creditor accounts are placed in ____________________ order in the accounts payable ledger.

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27.Good inner control needs a _____________________ of duties.





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