most likely to tempt attention the stain on the new carpet was fairly noticeable, and nothing we did made it any type of lighter
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Frequently Asked Questions About noticeable

How does the adjective noticeable differ from various other comparable words?

Some widespread synonyms of noticeable are conspicuous, outstanding, prominent, remarkable, salient, and also striking. While all these words mean "attracting notice or attention," noticeable applies to something unlikely to escape monitoring.

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a piano recital via no noticeable errors

When would certainly conspicuous be a good substitute for noticeable?

In some instances, the words conspicuous and also noticeable are around indistinguishable. However, conspicuous uses to something that is apparent and inescapable to the sight or mind.

conspicuous governmental waste

Wbelow would certainly outstanding be a reasonable alternate to noticeable?

The interpretations of outstanding and also noticeable mostly overlap; however, outstanding applies to something that rises over and excels others of the same sort.

honored for her outstanding contributions to science

When have the right to prominent be offered rather of noticeable?

While in some situations virtually similar to noticeable, prominent uses to somepoint commanding alert by standing out from its surroundings or background.

a doctor that occupies a prominent position in the town

In what contexts have the right to remarkable take the place of noticeable?

While the synonyms remarkable and also noticeable are close in meaning, remarkable uses to somepoint so extrasimple or superior regarding invite comment.

a film of remarkable knowledge and wit

When can salient be a much better fit than noticeable?

The words salient and noticeable have the right to be used in comparable contexts, but salient uses to something of meaning that merits the attention provided it.

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the salient points of the speech

When is striking a more appropriate alternative than noticeable?

The words striking and noticeable are synonyms, yet carry out differ in nuance. Specifically, striking applies to somepoint that impresses itself powertotally and deeply upon the observer"s mind or vision.