Suppose that 2 people are talking around an occasion to which they participated together, and also one of them claims something not exact; the other perboy renders him alert that, however he thinks to be correct. At the end, the various other perboy convinces him, that replies via "whatever."

Is replying through simply "whatever" thought about a rude method of answering to a person?



Yes, it"s rude. "Whatever" expresses indifference; often, expressing indifference is dismissive, and in this situation, it"s dismissive of what the other perboy hregarding say. Semantically, it"s identical to responding via "I do not care".

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Being dismissive is what provides it rude. Since "whatever" can express indistinction without being dismissive, it"s not rude in all cases. If a friend asked me what I wanted to eat, and also I replied "whatever" in a non-sarcastic tamong voice, it probably wouldn"t be taken as rude. Rather, it would certainly expush that I had actually no certain opinion and that I"d eat whatever they wanted to eat.

It comes throughout that you are inattentive or uninterested in what is being sassist.

Also sometimes it is used once you disagree, however don"t really want to say so. This would certainly be taken into consideration rude, though among friends might be OK.

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