I presently have actually a friend who is someone "clingy" to me, and also frequently calls me their "ideal friend". I have actually no worry via this, I am fine via being the finest friend of multiple people. However before, I have actually an problem once they make comments such as "Best friends for life", as this suggests that they are my best friend too, as soon as in reality they are not and also I have actually no intention to be.

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At this time, whenever they a make a statement or comment implying that they are my finest frifinish as well - I sindicate reply in a neutral manner, neither confirming nor denying that they are in truth my finest frifinish (as I don"t desire to hurt their feelings).

For context, I do already have a "ideal friend", yet, I perform not think it is appropriate to have more than as soon as (as otherwise that would certainly defeat the allude of having a "best" one). In enhancement both of us are teenagers (over the age of 16 yet under 19). So, exactly how would I increate a frifinish that I already have a "ideal friend" without rubbing it in their deals with or offending them?

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I will certainly assume that this non-ideal frifinish is still your friend and that you treatment about their feelings.

If you desire to retain your multiple friendships and also for everyone to be happy, I advise you to drop the use of the term, "best frifinish." This term, while exceptionally gratifying to the perboy it uses to, is designed to exclude everyone else. It is a obstacle to anyone that would favor to end up being close to you.

You, of course, have the right to have a frifinish that is #1 in your heart, but the even more you flaunt that, the more most likely your various other friends will be annoyed that they are ranked lower that your best frifinish. At ideal it would certainly be disappointing to them; at worst it would make them feel prefer they have to compete for your affection.

Now, when you have quit separating your friends into "best" and also "not best," you need to ask those who contact you their finest friend to follow suit.

Hey, I noticed you were calling me your ideal frifinish to other people. I provided to perform that via , yet I feel choose it could hurt various other people"s feelings if they aren"t thought about my ideal friend or your ideal friend.

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I simply want everyone to feel consisted of, so is tbelow a opportunity I can ask you to carry out the same? We"re all excellent friends, right?

The crucial thing below is to make sure this frifinish still feels welcome and loved by you. If you are careful to cease from identifying best friends, and diligent in asking others to perform the very same, you will certainly all be happier. Bonus: People who aren"t your "best friend" will soptimal informing various other world that they are.