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Nas is one of the greatest. No question around it. But occasionally some crazy points slip from his tongue. (Pausage. ) Here are 5 of God’son’s not so God-friendly lyrics. Enjoy it. Or not.

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 5. «They askin’ how he disappear and also reappear back on peak.sayin’, “Nas should have naked pictures of God or somethin’ » «Loco-Motive» feat Large Pro

Did he simply implied that he is in position to blackmail God ?

4. «I lug the cross, if Virgin Mary had actually an abortion » – «The Cross» 

I hope that Pope Benedict XVI don’t send somme Vatideserve to goons to clean up the honor of Virgin Mary.

3. Before stepping to me you’d quite action to Jehovah –  «Live From The BBQ»

Before his beef through Jay-Hova Nas had actually worries via the real Jehovah.

2. When I was twelve, I saw hell for snuffing Jesus Live From The BBQ

Nasir Jones was 17. Why whould you say points favor that at 17 ?

1. Well that’s not a lyric, however you gain it. Nas on this video took this «God’kid persona to the next level.

«Causage you don’t understand him, it don’t suppose that he nice. It simply indicates you don’t understand all the bullshit that he write» – Jay Z 

"https://lutz-heilmann.info/when-i-was-12-i-went-to-hell-for-snuffin-jesus/imager_7_7596_700.jpgBlueprint 2"https://lutz-heilmann.info/when-i-was-12-i-went-to-hell-for-snuffin-jesus/imager_7_7596_700.jpg“Nas have to have actually naked pictures of God or somethinBefore stepping to me you"https://lutz-heilmann.info/when-i-was-12-i-went-to-hell-for-snuffin-jesus/imager_7_7596_700.jpgd quite step to JehovahBenedict XVIblasphemousDiddygod"https://lutz-heilmann.info/when-i-was-12-i-went-to-hell-for-snuffin-jesus/imager_7_7596_700.jpgs sonHate me Nowhype williamsI lug the crossI checked out hell for snuffing Jesusif Virgin Mary had an abortionJay-ZLarge Prolife is goodLive From The BBQloco-motiveKey SourceNasNasir JonesNew YorkPuff DaddyPuffyQueensQueensbridgethe crossThey askin’ exactly how he disappear and also reappear earlier on top.sayin’VaticanVirgin maryWhen I was twelve






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