The 25 Best Price quotes From Office Gap Office Space is still making fans laugh years later and also it"s as excellent a time as any type of to revisit some of the best quotes from this cult comedy.

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Split image of Milton, Peter and Joanna from Office Space
Office Space is just one of IMDB"s highest-rated work comedies, even though the modern-day workplace has advanced greatly from the days of TPS reports, Hawaiian shirt Fridays, and annoying birthday parties. The film currently pokes fun at a bygone era, using a clever and also witty script loaded with hilarious quotes that drive residence the anguish of functioning in a sterile office atmosphere.

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It remains to be checked out whether a sequel is ever released, yet until that day arrives, audiences can store re-watching the original Office Space, specifically for the banter. It"s still the perfect antidote for anyone enduring from a actual negative case of the Mondays.

Updated on November 5th, 2021 by Derek Draven: Office Void is loaded through memorable quotes that stand also the test of time, decades after the film initially observed a release. Tbelow are plenty more to take a look at, simply for the sake of having a good laugh or 2, or three. Eexceptionally scene is memorable for a totally various factor, and also it"s the great personalities stuck in a nightmarish cycle of redundancy and also stupidity that makes the entirety point a success. Several of the quotes are jabs at the worklocation, while others poke fun at society in basic, particularly for nine-to-fivers who are fed up with the rat race, and also the day-to-day grind.

Peter listens to the annoying receptionist in Office Space
The movie spends a good deal of time at Initechnology, the titular office room wbelow star Peter wastes away day in and also day out. Right from the beginning, the quotes come fast and large. The initially, and a lot of irritating comes courtesy of receptionist Nina, that sounds choose a damaged record.

Of course, Peter bears the unfortunate fate of having his cubicle located within earswarm of the repeated greeting she gives to each caller. The high-pitched, accentuated "JUST a moment" is enough to make a grown man cry.

Peter talks to Milton in Office Space
Though he tfinished to stick to himself, Milton still uncovered methods to irritate Peter, mostly once it pertained to listening to the radio. Whatever privileges he had actually, he clung to choose a Rottweiler on a bone, refutilizing to give them up. Even as soon as Peter asked him nicely to revolve the radio down, Milton cited the rules.

To him, he walso within his bounds to listen to the radio in between 9 and 11AM, and that was that. It was the initially indication of Milton"s love of the rules, and also how it fairesulted in acquire him any type of friends in the workarea.

Samir rages at a printer in Office Space
One of the most iconic scenes from the movie attributes Peter and also his newly fired friends kicking the tar out of a printer that he stole from the office. It"s their means of walking out of Initechnology through their heads organized high, while obtaining in on a little catharsis at the same time.

Samir"s problems via the machine deal revolve roughly regular paper jams, while Michael has actually concerns via a "COMPUTER Load Letter" alert, a famous nod to an actual real-human being printer error which angered office workers that couldn"t figure out what was wrong.

22 “There Was Nothing Wrong With It, Until I Was About 12 Years Old And That No-Talent Ass-Clvery own Became Famous And Started Winning Grammys.”

Michael Bolton has a fan in Office Space
Characters with the same name as a well known person have been offered in a bunch of comedy movies and TV reflects, but none to such hilarious impact as Michael Bolton in Office Space. It"s such a preposterous name, greatly bereason it doesn"t fit at all through the character in the film.

This, and also this alone, is the joke. People actually have the temerity to store asking Michael around his name, and also whether he"s related to the singer. It"s a preposterous insinuation, and also one that Michael endures constantly on a day-by-day basis.

Peter, Samir, and also Michael on a regular basis go to lunch at a themed restaurant recognized as Chachki"s, wbelow he initially meets his future girlfrifinish Joanna, a waitress that is fed up via her task, and also prepared to speak to it quits.

She"s joined by an overly peppy server that greets Peter"s sour perspective with a dismissive quote that starts to eat amethod at him over the course of the day. He can"t stand also the zombie-favor enthusiasm for a dead-finish project, perpetrated by a male who has been indoctrinated totally right into the company"s culture.

20 "Our High School Guidance Counselor Used To Ask Us What You Would Do If You Had A Million Dollars And Didn"t Have To Work. And Invariably, Whatever You"d Say, That Was Supposed To Be Your Career."

Office Void has great commentary and also ideology around corporate life, and also being just a cog in the machine of a company that doesn"t appreciate its employees. Peter states this line around just how his high institution counselor would attempt to assist the students realize what they wanted to pursue as a career, however he never understood the process.

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He admits that he didn"t obtain how this prompt would aid, considering that many world wouldn"t aspire to occupational in a boring office environment. He additionally says he never before had an excellent answer, and would certainly quite do nothing if he had the option. That would certainly play in greatly to his character"s advance.

Bill Lumberg is commonly related to as among the worst bosses in cinematic history, representing the typical stuck up manager who bosses his subordinates about, while spfinishing his time enriching his own career. He walks roughly the office like a terrifying shadow that reasons employees to either run and also hide, or sit tbelow and also deal with him.

Of course, Lumberg tries his finest to reduce the horrors of working in the office by throwing the staff a bone in the create of Hawaiian shirt day. These sorts of frivolous and superfluous occasions were widespread in 1990s office spaces, and they did little bit to boost employee morale.

18 “I’m Going To Need Those TPS Reports ASAP. So, If You Could Do That, That’d Be Greaaaaat.”

TPS reports are actually a actual thing. The letters stand also for “Testing Procedure Specification,” and also the reports needed to be filled out for top quality assurance functions, though no one really understood why. Because of this, they"ve become a huge symbol of pretentious corporate management society, and also redundancy in the worklocation.

Office Space turned the TPS report right into a life leskid, and also they unexpectedly became the catch-all term for “meaningmuch less exercises enforced upon employees by inept and uncaring monitoring.” The reality that Bill Lumberg was the one to turn it right into a workarea faux pas is just icing on the cake.

Peter bares it all to his therapist, summing up the monotony and despair of his nine-to-five project in the most illustrative way possible. It helps set the tone for what Peter is feeling, and also in so doing, reels in audience members that share the very same predicament.

Peter realized that ever before given that he left school as a bright-eyed, optimistic young man, his life has actually acquired consistently worse. Not only does he hate his task, he’s left through the residual misery of days lengthy considering that previous. It"s a somber component of the film that would certainly end up being spun into a hilarious story.

16 "I Have People Skills! I Am Good At Dealing With People!"

When the Bobs were brought in to perform a little downsizing in the firm, they weren"t particularly constant via their firing methods. Some employees were fired for the wrong factors, while less-than-stellar employees were either allowed to continue to be, or offered promovements.

However before, in the situation of Tom Smykowski, they actually made the right call. Tom"s project was the interpretation of redundant, and given that it expected the firm was paying out a salary for an unnecessary place, he had actually to go. He wasn"t particularly sanguine about the concept, sabotaging his very own situation when he began screaming this quote at the Bobs.

Peter goes full George Costanza from Seinfeld as soon as he decides to carry out the literal oppowebsite of what"s supposed of him. He nonchalantly admits that he"s not also going to quit his task, but simply sheight going altogether. Such is the method his personality had shifted since his devastating treatment session.

In truth, this type of mindset was mostly momentary, however once his head finally cleared, Peter was even more than willing to take his employer to the cleaners as a kind of payago. At the heart of this plan was the goal to never before have to occupational aacquire, for anyone.

14 "I Love Kung Fu!"

Peter"s carefree brand-new mindset rubs off on everyone, not just his workmates. He ends up courting Joanna once he visits the restaurant she functions at, by casually inviting her to come over and watch kung fu movies with him, not understanding if she"s even into the genre.

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Joanna also hates her project, and that, merged with Peter"s newdiscovered flippancy concerning his very own is enough to pique her interemainder. When he brings up kung fu movies, however, every little thing alters. It"s the catalyst that ends up setting Peter up for a great partnership, best once he requirements it the the majority of.

After his therapist session goes unexpectedly awry, Peter philosophies his life in a a lot various way. Instead of functioning ridiculous hours and also clocking in massive overtime at his project, he decides to ssuggest not show up for job-related, and spfinish the whole day doing absolutely nopoint.

It"s a straightforward, yet unorthodox concept, as many societies expect productivity in order to carry out for themselves, and their family members. Peter would certainly fairly simply have the ability to relax and carry out nothing for a while, and he loved every second of it. Later, this trance-prefer state would fade rather, but it did readjust exactly how he thought of his career.

12 "I’d Say, In A Given Week, I Probably Only Do About Fifteen Minutes Of Real, Actual Work.”

After the two Bobs ask Peter to run through a typical day, he delivers a hilarious and also brutally honest monologue featuring this quote. The candidness of his revelation shocks the Bobs right into reasoning that Peter is some type of visionary that might advantage the office in a huge means.

This is ironic, because the exact same Bobs fired a bunch of staffers that actually put in actual, hoswarm, and also genuine hard occupational. They were bean counters up until Peter sauntered in via his newdiscovered confidence, and also the office was never before the same afterwards.

11 "Not Right Now, Lumberg. I"m Kinda" Busy. In Fact, I"m Gonna" Have To Ask You To Go Ahead And... Just Come Back Another Time. I Got A Meeting With The Bobs In A Couple Of Minutes."

Following Peter"s spiroutine awakening, his whole outlook on his task readjusted. He was no much longer content to carry out work and also obtain phelp for it. Rather, he began coming in and goofing off on the agency dime, which captured the attention of his manager, Bill Lumberg.

When Lumberg wondered about him around his TPS reports, Peter responded with this quote while playing Tetris on his computer, and also eating Cheetos off his desk. The reverse psychology operated, and Lumberg uncovered himself on the wrong side of the management table for the initially time.

10 “I Believe You Have My Stapler!”

Office Space is among Mike Judge"s finest works, based off an animated short series that starred Milton Waddams, though he was just a supporting character in the film adaptation. Milton is conveniently the highlight of the film, with fans never before tiring of his scene-stealing performances.

Milton"s negative luck is legendary. His payinspect is privately reduced off, his office relocated dvery own to the basement, and also his prized red Swingline stapler was taken. All of this culminates in Milton taking out his frustrations on the agency by establishing the structure on fire, yet not prior to retrieving his precious stapler.

Everyone with a job can relate to Peter’s battles at the start of the movie, so it"s no surprise that he drops this quote in the time of another meeting via the Bobs. Already on their excellent side, Peter felt as if he might drop a joke through ease, without any type of effects.

In reality, he was ideal. The Bobs had currently made a decision that Peter was unique, and worthy of some sort of proactivity. It didn"t matter that his flippant mindset and also lackluster technique to occupational were front and center. It was the ultimate develop of reverse psychology.

8 “We Find It’s Always Better To Fire People On A Friday."

Bob Porter calls it “traditional operating procedure” once Peter finds out his buddies Samir and Michael are going to be lassist off and also replaced via “entry-level graduates,” and outsourcing to Singapore. This was a common exercise in 1990s corporate America, and tbelow are still vestigial traces of it this particular day.

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Samir and also Michael would certainly need to job-related the totality remainder of the week, unaware that their bosses were going to fire them on Friday. This is all bereason statistics have actually displayed that employees are much less likely to make a scene if they’re fired on a Friday, which is constantly the happiest day of the occupational week.

Peter tries to describe his plan of embezzling money from Initechnology by lifting a plan right out of Superguy III, which starred Ricdifficult Pryor as a character that uses a computer system regime to shave actually off fractions of a cent off eextremely transaction, then depositing them in an enigma account.

They do not really view an issue via taking the minuscule amount, since they"ve provided their best years to the company without any acknowledgment or respect. However before, this sort of corpoprice fraud is deeply imethical, as employees have the right to quit a job they don"t like, any type of time they desire.

6 "Say Hello To LUMBERG For Me!"

Peter really stepped in it once he acquired some bad intel from a co-worker around Joanna, his new girlfriend. According to rumor, she had slept with none various other than Bill Lumberg, which was about the most offensive concept Peter can possibly fathom.

Unfortunately, it was the wrong Lumberg, however that didn"t stop Peter from shedding his temper. It practically cost him his romance through Joanna, yet thankcompletely the two managed to reconcile once Peter"s high-flying schemes came crashing into the hard wall of reality.

5 "You Know What? Yeah, I Do. I Do Want To Expush Myself, Okay? And I Don"t Need Thirty-Salso Pieces Of Flair To Do It!"

Joanna discovered Peter"s check out on occupational to be fairly unorthodox, and maybe a small reckless. She was supplied to going with the circulation, doing what was meant of her, and also bowing to press, even if it wasn"t actually warranted. Working at Chachki"s was every little as horrendous as Peter functioning at Initech, and she had actually sufficient.

When the head manager criticized her for the "lack of flair" on her uniform, she snapped. She was fresh off a fight via Peter, which intended she rattled to begin via. She responded via this quote, prior to offering her manager the middle finger to his challenge, ideal in front of the patrons.

4 “Hi, My Name Is Steve. I Come From A Rough Area. I Used To Be Addicted To Crack, But Now, I Am Off It And Trying To Stay Clean."

"That is why I am marketing magazine subscriptions.” What makes this line also higher is successful MadTV actor Orlando Jones" deadpan and also uninspired shipment. It’s clear that he’s been provided this bit monologue in a script by the magazine civilization to say at eextremely door he knocks on, and he’s struggling to remember it.

He also stares up at the ceiling, trying to remember all the words. The scene helps develop that offices weren"t the only areas where monotony ran the show. Large corpoprice entities typically went dvery own this route, much to the chagrin of their employees walking the beat.

3 “I Can’t Believe What A Bunch Of Nerds We Are. We’re Looking Up Money Laundering In A Thesaurus.”

It"s safe to say that the Office Space men weren"t going to win any kind of awards for being hip, cool, or trendy. In reality, left to their own tools, it"s doubtful any type of of them would certainly have actually scored a second look. That level of frustration and also absence of acknowledgment was component of what drove their scheme to defraud Initechnology.

When the moment pertained to execute the deed, the three of them might badepend number out what money laundering actually was. They were such right shooters who never before deviated from the straight and narrow, and also never bothered to take a hazard, that it had come dvery own to looking up the definition in a dictionary.

2 "Human Beings Were Not Meant To Sit In Little Cubicles Staring At Computer Screens All Day, Filling Out Useless Forms And Listening To Eight Different Bosses Drone On About Mission Statements!”

“We don’t have actually many time on this Earth! We weren’t intended to spfinish it this way!" This is the single best line in Office Space, bereason it perfectly sums up the entirety ethos of the movie. It"s a solid message for anyone stuck in a task they hate, and it tries to convince them to acquire out while the avenues are still there.

Peter’s journey as a character involves a head as soon as he is lastly able to articulate this perfectly, resulting in the much-needed adjust he forced to relocate on through his life, and acquire amethod from the endless TPS reports. In the end, he wasn"t a wealthy male doing nothing, but he was happy, fulfilled, and also looking forward to a brighter future via a brand-new career route.

1 "I Asked For A Mai Tai, And They Brought Me A Piña Colada. And I Shelp "No Salt. NO SALT, For the Magarita," But It Had Salt On It."

It appeared like Milton couldn"t gain any type of respect, also after he scorched down the Initechnology building, retrieved his Swingline stapler, and produced a tropical sandy beach in a foreign nation. By all accounts, he have to have felt calm, yet his neurotic mannerisms ended up complying with him.

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He was less-than-enthsupplied about the waiter acquiring his drink orders wrong, which the waiter ignored outright. The cycle had started to repeat, and within a day of being tright here, Milton was currently contemplating his vengeance on the retype.