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The primary cause of the ______ was Russia"s desire to get land also on the Black Sea from the Ottoguy Empire.

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The component of India that was under direct British preeminence was well-known as the ________. This additionally describes the period of British preeminence over India.

In 1907, _____ shed a long fight to maintain its independence when Britain and Russia took over the country and also separated it right into spheres of affect.

In the 1800"s, the Zulu chief ________ provided extremely disciplined warriors and good military organization to produce a big state in southern Africa.

_______ was the leader of the Filipino nationalists that asserted that the US had actually promised prompt independence of the Philippine Islands after the finish of the Spanish-Amerideserve to War.

The opplace of Dutch settlers to British plan in South Africa turned violent throughout the ______.

The _____ began after rumors spcheck out among Indian soldiers that the cartridges of their rifles were sealed via beef and pork fat.

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The overthrow of _____, the last monarch of Hawaii, was accomplished in the late 1800"s by a team of American sugar planters.

______ managed to maintain the self-reliance of Ethiopia by exploiting imperialistic rivalries in between European countries and also by structure up a modern arsenal that aided his pressures defeat an Italian army.

Which of the following leaders provided modernization to successfully keep their nations from foreign control?

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