Whether you are taking part in a course indoors or by yourself outdoors, wearing comfortable clothes for practicing Tai Chi is a have to. You want clothes that enables you to move without restriction, that is cool in the summer, and also keeps you warm in the winter.

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I tfinish to favor to wear long-sleeved shirts that fit a tiny on the loose side. Several of the shirts have Tai Chi deindications or logos on them, some are just a ordinary one coloured shirt. But which ever shirt I wear for practice that day, it has to be comfortable, so the fit is not a distractivity to my exercise.

A few of my favourite T-shirts are getting worn out! I have had actually them for years currently. They are so comfortable to wear while practicing, that I simply execute not want to offer them up. Tbelow are holes in the armpits, and the collar and also cuffs are acquiring extended and frayed.


Over the years, I have worn many different renders of pants for my Tai Chi practice. I tend to like the fit to be loose in the legs. Preferably cotton, however not constantly. I used to have a pair of light cotton Kung Fu pants I bought at a neighborhood martial arts supply store, pants for hiking/climbing, and lately pants from Lululemon which I obtained as a current for Christmas!.


Shoesor no shoes. Personally, I prefer to wear shoes once I practice Tai Chi. I understand also that some people choose to exercise via bare feet, yet I tfinish to uncover being barefoot can be a distractivity for myself (via temperature distinctions from the rest of my body, to tiny pshort articles of whatever between my feet and the floor and also uneven surencounters of the ground itself).

Indoors I have always preferred to wear the cotton soled Tai Chi shoes. They are level and not too stiff, so the totality foot feels the floor. Outdoors, I have worn a selection of kinds of shoes over the years. What I try to discover, is a flat soled shoe that is reasonably light and also flexible. One of the best shoes I had was the martial arts shoe that was made by Converse. It had actually a level black rubber single and also mesh sides. It was a really comfortable shoe to exercise in, and fit my feet which tend to be on the wide side. Unfortunately, Converse stopped making them some years earlier.

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In summary, whatever before one wears as soon as practicing Tai Chi, it will certainly be an individual option (unless you are forced to wear a school unicreate or shirts for classes). One need to feel comfortable and also not distracted by clothing to be able to focus on the job at hand… To exercise Tai Chi Chuan.