Hi, Yesterday I took my hair dryer from under the sink wright here I save it and plugged it in to a GFCI outlet. The outlet made a loud buzzing noise so I instantly unplugged the hair dryer. I noticed some drops of water on the dryer plug, so I shook it off and also left it to dry out for a day. Today it is still making the buzzing noise as soon as being plugged in. I tried an additional GFCI outlet, very same point happened. It is an extremely expensive hair dryer and also I'm hoping it isn't ruined. Should I wait much longer and also hope it dries out? Is the wiring ruined?


2 points to try:

Put the hair dryer in an outlet in other places in the house. Maybe attempt the GFCI in the kitchen, then a random one in a room not connected to either kitchen or bath.

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Try a various (cheaper) appliance in the bathroom.

This will hopetotally tell you where the fault is.

Replacing an electrical plug is sensibly trivial to carry out yourself, however if you have actually no endure at all via this kind of points I still advise versus trying it. It is possible to electrocute yourself if you screw up. Maybe you deserve to discover an electrician that can do it for you? Definitely no must throw ameans the hair dryer.

I agree but keep in mind of course that most hair-dryers have a GFCI choose circuit in the actual plug, which I'm certain is wright here the issue is. Technically speaking you should just replace it with a choose style plug, but if you were to put a regular plug on it (choose one you could buy from Home Depot for $2), I would think it would certainly still be safe as lengthy as it's plugged in to a GFCI outlet.

Is tbelow a red or black "Reset" button in the middle of your GFCI outlet? Have you tried that?

The humming is coming from your outlet, or the hair drier?

Try plugging an additional device that you know works, right into the outlet. Does it hum for that, too?

Yes, hitting test cuts power, hitting reset returns power. So if I plug it right into the outlet once it's on 'test' nothing happens.

The humming is coming from the outlet.

Other devices don't reason humming. I'm pretty certain the trouble is the dryer, so I'm trying to number out what I have the right to do to settle it.

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