So I'm grading sentence trees, which are an additional subject completely... anymethods, Google tells me that words like "yesterday, today, tomorrow" and so on can be either nouns or adverbs.

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Examples: "Today is a good day" - 'today' would be the noun.

"I'll check out you tomorrow" - considering that the word "tomorrow" is editing and enhancing the verb "see", it would be thought about an adverb.

My question comes from the homework I'm grading. The sentence reads: "Jake is researching for his exam tomorrow". Would "tomorrow" in this sentence be a noun? Could it be considered an adjective? Sorry if my thoughts are jumbled, I thought I was better at explaining grammar :P

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The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language, a substantial evaluation of English grammar created by linguists, considers tomorrow a noun, specifically a pronoun. To sum up the book's arguments:

Tright here is no compelling reason to speak to it a noun in "Tomorrow is Friday" but an adverb in "Let's execute that tomorrow", considering that many type of nouns have the right to function as temporal adjuncts, e.g. "I talked to her last week".

Like pronouns, tomorrow gets its interpretation deictically, i.e., with context we recognize that it describes the day after the day of the utterance.

It has a genitive create, e.g. "Let's comment on tomorrow's meeting". In this respect, it does not fit the prototypical conception of a pronoun.

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Adverbs generally don't modify nouns, e.g. "Your mindset tomorrow better be a small even more positive!"

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