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Adverb We need to finish today. Earlier today I observed my cousin. I have an appointment later on today. They announced today that he"ll be supported. I issue around children today. Today, more than a million world live tbelow. Cars aren"t built today choose they were 30 years ago. Noun Have you review today"s newspaper? live for today and also let tomorrow worry around itself
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Recent Examples on the Web: Noun The fire was being organized in check early now east of Corte Madera, however reports right here state that have to an eastern wind increase, as is feared, the fire could sweep out of control and threaten thousands of acres of waterburned area and also ranch lands. — San Diego Union-Tribune, 3 Sep. 2021 Then on Sunday, today’s Mets, that understand nothing of Kooz and also Cleon, and also 1969 and also 1986, and also love affairs, decided to go to battle through their fan base. — Anattracted C. Mccarthy, National Review, 30 Aug. 2021 Heavy rain from Ida will certainly be feasible from this day via Tuesday. — Leigh Mbody organ, al, 29 Aug. 2021 Thirty-two years back today, Bart Giamatti baniburned Pete Rose. — Paul Daugherty, The Enquirer, 25 Aug. 2021 A few of the Republicans in the Housage of Representatives today make Henry Hyde look favor Hubert Humphrey. — Tnr Staff, The New Republic, 25 Aug. 2021 Completed in 1934, the Congo-Océan involved run from Brazzaville—funding of what is today the Republic of Congo—to an Atlantic port just north of Portuguese Angola. — Tunku Varadarajan, WSJ, 6 Aug. 2021 Four expansions were completed (1971, 1978, 1995, and also 2012-13) that have brought about the museum prospering from its original 19,000 square feet to today’s 118,000-square-foot footround facility. — Jonathan X. Simmons, The Indianapolis Star, 4 Aug. 2021 In a matter of minutes on a day choose this particular day temperatures increase to 115-120F inside a auto or truck. — Paul Douglas, Star Tribune, 27 July 2021

These example sentences are schosen instantly from various digital news sources to reflect existing intake of the word "now." Views expressed in the examples do not recurrent the opinion of or its editors.

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