CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12: Optimize, Monitor, and Troubleshoot Networks Full Exam Answers

1. What is the term used to show a variation of delay?

latencyserialization delayspeed mismatchjitter*

2. A network-related engineer percreates a ping test and also receives a worth that shows the time it takes for a packet to take a trip from a source to a location tool and also rerotate. Which term describes the value?


3. What role carry out network-related gadgets play in the IntServ QoS model?

Network-related devices encertain that sources are easily accessible prior to traffic is enabled to be sent out by a hold via the netoccupational.*Network tools provide a best-effort technique to forwarding traffic.Netjob-related devices are configured to business multiple classes of website traffic and also handle website traffic as it may arrive.Network-related tools use QoS on a hop-by-hop basis to administer fantastic scalability.

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4. Which device would certainly be classified as a trusted endpoint?

switchrouterfirewallIP pone*

5. What is the benefit of deploying Layer 3 QoS marking throughout an enterpincrease network?

Layer 3 noting have the right to lug the QoS indevelopment end-to-end.*Layer 3 marking deserve to carry QoS information on switches that are not IP conscious.Layer 3 noting deserve to be carried in the 802.1Q areas.Layer 3 marking can be provided to lug non-IP web traffic.

Explanation: Marking web traffic at Layer 2 or Layer 3 is exceptionally essential and will influence just how web traffic is treated in a network-related using QoS.Layer 2 marking of frames deserve to be performed for non-IP traffic.Layer 2 noting of frames is the only QoS choice accessible for switches that are not “IP conscious.”Layer 3 noting will lug the QoS information end-to-end.

6. What is the feature of a QoS trust boundary?

A trust boundary identifies the place where website traffic cannot be remarked.A trust boundary just enables website traffic to enter if it has actually previously been noted.A trust boundary identifies which gadgets trust the noting on packets that enter a network.*A trust boundary only enables web traffic from trusted endpoints to enter the netjob-related.

Explanation: Netoccupational traffic is classified and noted as close to the source device as feasible. The trust boundary is the location wbelow the QoS maremperors on a packet are trusted as they enter an enterpclimb network-related.

7. What are two philosophies to proccasion packet loss because of congestion on an interface? (Choose two.)

Decrease buffer area.Disable queuing mechanisms.Drop lower-priority packets.*Proccasion bursts of traffic.Increase attach capacity.*

Explanation: Tbelow are 3 philosophies to proccasion sensitive web traffic from being dropped:Increase link capacity to ease or prevent congestion.Guarantee sufficient bandwidth and also rise buffer space to accommoday bursts of website traffic from fragile flows.Proccasion congestion by dropping lower-priority packets before congestion occurs.

8. What configuration scenario would certainly sell the the majority of defense to SNMP get and set messages?

SNMPv2 for in-band monitoring through read-create community stringsSNMPv1 via out-of-band management in a exclusive subnetSNMPv3 configured via the auth defense level*SNMP area strings

Explanation: SNMPv3 supports authentication and encryption through the auth and also priv security levels. SNMPv1 and SNMPv2 carry out not support authentication or encryption. Using a default community string is not secure bereason the default string of “public” is renowned and also would allow anyone through SNMP units to check out device MIBs.

9. Refer to the exhilittle bit.

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p9

The network administrator enters these commands right into the R1 router:

R1# copy running-config tftpAddress or name of remote organize < >?

When the router prompts for an deal with or remote hold name, what IP address have to the administrator enter at the prompt?*

Explanation: The asked for address is the resolve of the TFTP server. A TFTP server is an application that can run on a multitude of netjob-related devices including a rexternal, server, or also a networked PC.

10. The command also ntp server is issued on a rexternal. What impact does this command also have?

determines which server to send mechanism log papers tosynchronizes the mechanism clock via the moment resource via IP attend to*identifies the server on which to store backup configurationsensures that all logging will certainly have actually a time stamp associated with it

Explanation: The ntp server ip-address global configuration command configures the NTP server for IOS devices.

11. As the network administrator you have been asked to implement EtherChannel on the corpoprice network. What does this configuration consist of?

giving redundant links that dynamically block or forward trafficgrouping 2 gadgets to share a online IP addressgrouping multiple physical ports to increase bandwidth between 2 switches*giving redundant devices to permit web traffic to circulation in the occasion of gadget failure

Explanation: EtherChannel is utilized on a netjob-related to rise rate capabilities by grouping multiple physical ports right into one or more logical EtherChannel web links between 2 switches. STP is offered to provide redundant links that dynamically block or forward web traffic in between switches. FHRPs are provided to team physical devices to carry out website traffic circulation in the event of faiattract.

12. What is an interpretation of a two-tier LAN netoccupational design?

access and also core layers broke down into one tier, and also the circulation layer on a sepaprice tiercirculation and core layers collapsed into one tier, and the access layer on a separate tier*accessibility, circulation, and core layers collapsed right into one tier, through a sepaprice backbone layeraccessibility and distribution layers collapsed into one tier, and the core layer on a separate tier

Explanation: Maintaining three sepaprice network tiers is not constantly forced or cost-efficient. All network deindications need an access layer, however a two-tier architecture deserve to collapse the circulation and core layers into one layer to serve the needs of a little area through few users.

13. What are two reasons to produce a netjob-related baseline? (Choose two.)

to pick a routing protocolto recognize what sort of tools to implementto design a netoccupational according to a correct modelto determine future abnormal netjob-related behavior*to evaluate defense vulnerabilities in the networkto recognize if the netjob-related can supply the forced policies*

Explanation: A netoccupational baseline is created to provide a compariboy point, at the time that the netoccupational is percreating optimally, to whatever before transforms are imposed in the facilities. A baseline helps to store track of the performance, to track the traffic trends, and also to monitor netjob-related behavior.

14. A computer system deserve to access tools on the exact same network-related yet cannot access gadgets on various other netfunctions. What is the probable reason of this problem?

The computer system has actually an incorrect subnet mask.The computer system has an invalid default gatemeans address.*The cable is not linked effectively to the NIC.The computer system has actually an invalid IP address.

Explanation: The default gatemeans is the address of the gadget a hold uses to access the Internet or an additional network-related. If the default gatemeans is missing or incorrect, that organize will not be able to connect external the regional network. Because the host have the right to access various other hosts on the local network, the network cable and the various other parts of the IP configuration are working.

15. In which step of gathering symptoms does the network engineer determine if the difficulty is at the core, distribution, or accessibility layer of the network?

Gather indevelopment.Narrowhead the scope.*Document the symptoms.Determine ownership.Determine the symptoms.

Explanation: In the “narrowhead the scope” action of gathering symptoms, a netoccupational engineer will certainly recognize if the netjob-related problem is at the core, distribution, or access layer of the netoccupational. Once this step is finish and the layer is determined, the network-related engineer deserve to recognize which pieces of devices are the the majority of most likely cause.

16. A netjob-related administrator is deploying QoS via the capacity to administer a unique queue for voice traffic so that voice traffic is forwarded before netjob-related traffic in other queues. Which queuing strategy would certainly be the best choice?


Explanation: Low latency queuing (LLQ) allows delay-sensitive data, such as voice traffic, to be characterized in a strict priority queue (PQ) and to constantly be sent first before any packets in any various other queue are forwarded.

17. What are 2 qualities of voice traffic? (Choose 2.)

Voice traffic latency have to not exceed 150 ms.*Voice website traffic is unpredictable and inregular.Voice website traffic requires at least 384 kbs of bandwidth.Voice website traffic consumes many network-related sources.Dropped voice packets are not retransmitted.*

Explanation: Voice website traffic does not consume the majority of network-related resources, such as bandwidth. However before, it is very sensitive to delay and dropped packets cannot be retransmitted. For great voice top quality, the amount of latency must constantly be less than 150 milliseconds.

18. Which kind of netjob-related website traffic cannot be controlled using congestion avoidance tools?


Explanation: Queuing and also compression techniques can aid to mitigate and also prevent UDP packet loss, however tbelow is no congestion avoidance for User Datagram Protocol (UDP) based traffic.

19. When QoS is implemented in a converged netjob-related, which 2 factors have the right to be managed to improve netjob-related performance for real-time traffic? (Choose two.)

Delay*packet addressingjitter*packet routingattach speed

Explanation: Delay is the latency between a sending and also receiving tool. Jitter is the variation in the delay of the obtained packets. Both delay and jitter have to be controlled in order to assistance real-time voice and video traffic.

20. An administrator wants to rearea the configuration file on a Cisco rexternal by loading a brand-new configuration file from a TFTP server. What two points does the administrator have to understand before perdeveloping this task? (Choose 2.)

name of the configuration file that is presently stored on the routerconfiguration register valuename of the configuration file that is stored on the TFTP server*rexternal IP addressTFTP server IP address*

Explanation: In order to recognize the exact area of the wanted configuration file, the IP deal with of the TFTP server and also the name of the configuration file are essential information. Because the file is a brand-new configuration, the name of the present configuration file is not essential.

21. Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p21

Which of the 3 Cisco IOS imperiods shown will certainly pack right into RAM?

The router selects an image depending on the boot device command also in the configuration.*The router selects a picture relying on the worth of the configuration register.The router selects the 3rd Cisco IOS picture because it is the many recent IOS photo.The rexternal selects the third Cisco IOS image bereason it consists of the advipservicesk9 picture.The router selects the second Cisco IOS picture because it is the smallest IOS picture.

Explanation: When performing an upgrade or experimentation different IOS versions, the boot system command also is supplied to choose which photo is used to boot the Cisco device.

22. Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p22

What 2 types of gadgets are connected to R1? (Choose 2.)

Switch*hubrouter*repeaterSource Route Bridge

Explanation: The capabilities of the devices shown by the output display them to be a Cisco 2811 series rexternal, Cisco 1941 series rexternal, and a Cisco 2960 switch.

23. What are three functions provided by the syslog service? (Choose 3.)

to select the kind of logging information that is captured*to periodically poll agents for datato carry out statistics on packets that are flowing through a Cisco deviceto provide website traffic analysisto gather logging information for monitoring and troubleshooting*to specify the destinations of recorded messages*

Explanation: There are three main attributes gave by the syslog service:1. gathering logging information2. selection of the kind of information to be logged3. selection of the destination of the logged information

24. What is the feature of the MIB aspect as part of a network-related management system?

to collect data from SNMP agentsto send and also retrieve netoccupational administration informationto adjust configurations on SNMP agentsto save information around a device*

Explanation: The Management Information Base (MIB) stays on a networking tool and also stores operational information around the gadget. The SNMP manager can collect information from SNMP agents. The SNMP agent gives accessibility to the information.

25. What netjob-related style would contain the scope of disturbances on a netoccupational should a faitempt occur?

the reduction in the number of redundant tools and relations in the netjob-related corethe installation of only enterpclimb course devices throughout the networkthe deployment of circulation layer switches in pairs and the division of access layer switch relationships between them*the configuration of all access layer devices to share a solitary gateway

Explanation: One means to contain the impact of a faiattract on the netjob-related is to implement redundancy. One method this is achieved is by deploying redundant distribution layer switches and separating the accessibility layer switch connections in between the redundant distribution layer switches. This creates what is called a switch block. Failures in a switch block are consisted of to that block and also carry out not lug dvery own the entirety netjob-related.

26. Which activity need to be taken as soon as planning for redundancy on a ordered netoccupational design?

add different physical paths for information to traverse the network*continually purchase backup equipment for the networkimplement STP portfast between the switches on the networkinstantly rearea a non-functioning module, organization or device on a network

Explanation: One technique of implementing redundancy is path redundancy, installing alternative physical courses for information to traverse the network. Redundant web links in a switched network supports high availcapability and can be supplied for load balancing, reducing congestion on the netoccupational.

27. What are 2 benefits of extfinishing access layer connectivity to users with a wireless medium? (Choose two.)

increased flexibility*boosted netoccupational monitoring optionsdecreased number of crucial points of failurediminished costs*boosted bandwidth availability

Explanation: Wireless connectivity at the accessibility layer offers boosted versatility, decreased expenses, and the ability to prosper and also adapt to changing company demands. Utilizing wireless routers and accessibility points can administer a rise in the variety of main points of faitempt. Wiremuch less routers and also access points will not carry out a boost in bandwidth availcapability.

28. What is an easy attribute of the Cisco Bordermuch less Architecture accessibility layer?

aggregateways Layer 2 broadactors domainsprovides access to the user*aggregates Layer 3 routing boundariesprovides fault isolation

Explanation: A attribute of the Cisco Bordermuch less Architecture access layer is providing netoccupational accessibility to the users. Layer 2 broadcast doprimary aggregation, Layer 3 routing borders aggregation, and also high availcapacity are distribution layer features. The core layer offers fault isolation and high-rate backbone connectivity.

29. Which characteristic would certainly most influence a netjob-related style engineer to choose a multilayer switch over a Layer 2 switch?

ability to have multiple forwarding paths through the switched network based upon VLAN number(s)ability to develop a routing table*capacity to administer power to directly-attached tools and the switch itselfcapacity to accumulation multiple ports for maximum information throughput

Explanation: Multilayer switches, likewise recognized as Layer 3 switches, have the right to path and also build a routing table. This capability is forced in a multi-VLAN network-related and would affect the network designer to choose a multilayer switch. The other choices are functions likewise available on Layer 2 switches, so they would not influence the decision to pick a multilayer switch.

30. Refer to the exhilittle bit.

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p30

Why are routers R1 and R2 not able to establish an OSPF adjacency?​

The serial interdeals with are not in the very same location.*The procedure numbers are not the exact same in both routers.A backbone rexternal cannot develop an adjacency via an ABR rexternal.The rexternal ID values are not the very same in both routers.

Explanation: On rexternal R1, the network-related is defined in the wrong area (location 1). It has to be characterized in location 0 in order to establish adjacency through router R2, which has the network characterized in location 0.

31. When is the most appropriate time to meacertain netoccupational operations to create a network-related performance baseline?

whenever before high network-related usage is detected, so that exactly how the netoccupational percreates under anxiety can be monitoredin the time of quiet vacation durations, so that the level of non-information traffic can be determinedat the same time each day throughout a set duration of average working days, so that typical traffic trends deserve to be established*at random times throughout a 10 week period, so that abnormal traffic levels can be detected

Explanation: The objective of establishing a network-related performance baseline is to carry out a reference of normal or average network-related usage to permit information website traffic anomalies to be detected and then investigated. Netjob-related operations that are not average, or are not normal, cannot be provided to develop a netoccupational performance baseline.

32. Refer to the exhilittle bit.

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p32

A user has configured a NIC on the PC as presented however finds that the COMPUTER is unable to access the Net. What is the problem?

The desired DNS attend to is incorrect.The default gatemethod attend to is incorrect.*The settings were not validated upon exit.Tbelow need to not be an alternate DNS server.

Explanation: In order for a computer system to connect exterior its netoccupational, it must have a valid default gateway configured.This resolve cannot be the exact same as the IP attend to of the computer system.

33. Refer to the exhibit.

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p33

A netoccupational engineer configured an ACL preventing Telnet and HTTP accessibility to the HQ internet server from guest users in the Branch LAN. The attend to of the internet server is and also all guest users are assigned addresses in the network-related. After implementing the ACL, no one have the right to accessibility any kind of of the HQ servers. What is the problem?

Inbound ACLs need to be routed prior to they are processed.The ACL is implicitly denying access to all the servers.*Named ACLs require the usage of port numbers.The ACL is used to the interchallenge utilizing the wrong direction.

Explanation: Both named and also numbered ACLs have actually an implicit deny ACE at the end of the list. This implicit deny blocks all traffic.

34. Refer to the exhilittle bit.

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p34

A network administrator has configured OSPFv2 on the two Cisco routers as presented. PC1 is unable to attach to PC2. What need to the administrator do first as soon as troubleshooting the OSPFv2 implementation?

Disattach the serial attach between rexternal R1 and R2.Turn off OSPFv2.Implement the network-related area 0 command also on router R1.Test Layer 3 connectivity between the straight linked routers.*

Explanation: A prerequisite for OSPFv2 neighbor relationships to form in between two routers is Layer 3 connectivity. A successful ping confirms that a router interchallenge is energetic and may be able to form an OSPF neighbor adjacency.

35. What type of web traffic is defined as requiring latency to be no even more than 150 milliseconds (ms)?


36. A netjob-related manager wants to include a time to log messeras so that there is record of as soon as the message was produced. What command also need to the administrator use on a Cisco router?

display cdp interfacentp server timestamps log datetime*clock timezone PST -7

37. Match the features to the matching layers. (Not all alternatives are offered.)

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p37

38. Match the borderless switched netoccupational guideline summary to the principle. (Not all alternatives are offered.)

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p38

39. What are 2 features of the best-initiative QoS model? (Choose two.)

It allows finish hosts to signal their QoS needs to the netoccupational.It uses a connection-oriented technique with QoS.It offers preferential treatment for voice packets.It does not carry out a shipment guarantee for packets.*It treats all netjob-related packets in the same way.*

Explanation: The best-initiative QoS design offers no guarantees and also it is typically offered on the Web. The best-initiative QoS version treats all netjob-related packets in the same method.

40. Why is QoS an important issue in a converged netjob-related that combines voice, video, and information communications?

File interactions are sensitive to jitter.Legacy equipment is unable to transmit voice and video without QoS.Correct ResponseVoice and also video interactions are even more sensitive to latency.*Data communications have to be offered the first priority.

Explanation: Without any type of QoS mechanisms in location, time-sensitive packets, such as voice and also video, will certainly be dropped through the exact same frequency as email and internet searching traffic.

41. A netjob-related administrator configures a router via the command also sequence:

R1(config)# boot device tftp://c1900-universalk9-mz.SPA.152-4.M3.binR1(config)# boot system rom

What is the effec#t of the command also sequence?

On following reboot, the rexternal will fill the IOS image from ROM.The rexternal will search and pack a valid IOS image in the sequence of flash, TFTP, and also ROM.The router will certainly copy the IOS photo from the TFTP server and also then reboot the mechanism.The router will fill IOS from the TFTP server. If the picture falls short to fill, it will certainly fill the IOS image from ROM.*

Explanation: The boot system command is a worldwide configuration command that allows the user to specify the resource for the Cisco IOS Software image to fill. In this instance, the rexternal is configured to boot from the IOS picture that is stored on the TFTP server and also will use the ROMmon imagethat is located in the ROM if it falls short to find the TFTP server or stops working to pack a valid picture from the TFTP server.

42. Which statement explains SNMP operation?

An SNMP agent that resides on a regulated tool collects indevelopment around the gadget and also stores that information remotely in the MIB that is located on the NMS.​A set request is supplied by the NMS to change configuration variables in the agent device.*An NMS periodically polls the SNMP agents that are residing on regulated tools by utilizing traps to query the tools for information.​A obtain research is offered by the SNMP agent to query the gadget for data.​

Explanation: An SNMP agent that resides on a managed device collects and stores indevelopment around the gadget and its procedure. This indevelopment is stored by the agent in your area in the MIB. An NMS periodically polls the SNMP agents that are residing on regulated gadgets by utilizing the gain repursuit to query the tools for information.

43. Refer to the exhilittle.

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p43

A network-related administrator issues the present lldp next-door neighbors command also on a switch. What are 2 conclusions that can be drawn? (Choose two.)

Dev1 is connected to interchallenge Fa0/5 of S1.*Dev1 is a switch through combined kinds of interencounters.Dev2 is a switch.*Dev1 is associated to interchallenge Fa0/4 of Dev2.S1 has just two interfaces.

Explanation: In the output from the display lldp command also, under Capcapability, R shows a router and B shows a bridge (switch). Nothing shows that Dev1 and also Dev2 are associated to one another.

44. What are the 3 layers of the switch ordered architecture model? (Choose 3.)

Distribution*netoccupational accessdata linkenterpriseaccess*core*

Explanation: The access layer is the lowest layer and it gives netoccupational access to users. The distribution layer has actually many attributes, yet it aggreentrances data from the accessibility layer, offers filtering, plan control, and also sets Layer 3 routing boundaries. The core layer provides high speed connectivity.

45. Refer to the exhilittle bit.

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p45

Which tools exist in the faitempt domain when switch S3 loses power?

S4 and PC_2PC_3 and PC_2PC_3 and also AP_2*S1 and S4AP_2 and also AP_1

Explanation: A faientice domain is the location of a network-related that is impacted when a vital device such as switch S3 has a faientice or experiences troubles.

46. A netjob-related designer is considering whether to implement a switch block on the company netoccupational. What is the main advantage of deploying a switch block?

This is network application software application that stays clear of the faitempt of a solitary netoccupational device.The failure of a switch block will not affect all finish users.*This is a security feature that is accessible on all brand-new Catalyst switches.A single core rexternal provides all the routing in between VLANs.

Explanation: The configuration of a switch block provides redundancy so that the faientice of a single network-related gadget generally has actually bit or no impact on finish customers.

47. Which troubleshooting tool would a network administrator usage to examine the Layer 2 header of frames that are leaving a details host?

knowledge baseprotocol analyzer*CiscoViewbaselining tool

Explanation: A protocol analyzer such as Wireshark is qualified of displaying the headers of information at any OSI Layer.

48. Refer to the exhilittle bit.

CCNA 3 v7.0 Modules 9 – 12 Exam Answers p48

R1 and also R3 are connected to each other using the local serial 0/0/0 interchallenge. Why are they not forming an adjacency?

They have actually various routing procedures.They have actually different router IDs.They are in different subnets.*The connecting interfaces are configured as passive.

Explanation: The routers have to be in the very same subnet in order to create an adjacency. The routing procedures deserve to be different on each rexternal. The router IDs should be various for routers that participate in the exact same routing doprimary. The interdeals with are not passive.

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49. What form of traffic is described as not sturdy to loss?


50. A netoccupational manager wants lists the contents of flash. What command must the administrator usage on a Cisco router?

present file systemsdir*lldp enableservice timestamps log datetime

51. Voice packets are being got in a consistent stream by an IP phone, however because of netoccupational congestion the delay in between each packet varies and also is causing broken conversations. What term explains the cause of this condition?


52. A user is unable to reach the website once typing in a internet internet browser, yet can reach the very same site by typinghttp:// . What is the issue?

DHCPDNS*Default GatewayTCP/IP Protocol stack

53. What kind of web traffic is described as tending to be unpredictable, inconsistent, and bursty?


54. A netjob-related manager desires to determine the dimension of the Cisco IOS image file on the networking tool. What command should the administrator use on a Cisco router?

show flash:0*copy flash: tftp:config-register 0x2102confreg 0x2142

55. What is the principle that is applied when a netjob-related technician is troubleshooting a netjob-related fault by using the divide-and-overcome method?

Testing is perdeveloped at Layer 7 and at Layer 1, then at Layers 6 and also 2, and so on, functioning in the direction of the middle of the stack till all layers are verified as operational.Once it is showed that components in a certain layer are functioning effectively, it have the right to then be assumed that components in the layers below it are additionally sensible.Testing is performed at all layers of the OSI design till a non-functioning component is found.Once it is proved that a component in a particular layer is functioning correctly, testing have the right to then be percreated on any type of other layer.*

56. Which queuing algorithm has only a solitary queue and also treats all packets equally?


57. What type of website traffic is defined as traffic that calls for at leastern 30 Kbps of bandwidth?