Answer added by ALAMGEER HUSSAIN HASHMI, REGIONAL SALES & OPERATIONS MANAGER , Uth Healthcare Pvt., Ltd7 years ago

Dear Ahmed

The answer of this question depends upon individual perspective of a person and I believe you will not get a leader answer for this question since people have different attitudes however to me I will not like to work with a person who:

1.Is not social and has a religious,cultural or ethnic bias.

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2.Is not a team man.

3.Who doesn"t have leadership qualities.

4.Who is a liar.

5.Takes credit of my efforts.

6.Is not skilled.

7.Is there by a matter of chance or patronage and not by his competence.

8.Is self centered and doesn"t value others.

9.Is arrogant and disrespectful.

10.Has no moral character.

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Answer added by Manisha p, Leader of Gynecology and Obstetric Ward, Academic Member , university7 years ago

I feel bit uncomfortable to work with persons of selfish and ingratitude in nature. Those who are not flexible and cooperative and who are not ready to recognize and appreciate the achievements of fellow workers and person who is maintaining lazy work and discouraging the employees in doing work.


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Answer added by manu jha, sales executive com administrator , New khan Automobiles and electronic7 years ago

I will not resfue to do the work who dosen"t know how to do... i will teach them and make them know... if everybody ignore them then how could they learn??/ :)

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Answer added by Nourhan Darwesh, Brand Manager , Crocs 7 years ago

Hypocrite, unethical, liar or self centred

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Answer added by Rehan Qureshi, Financial Consultant , Self Employeed7 years ago

Being a professional I will never refuse to work with anyone except those who are not loyal not ethical.

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Answer added by Nicholas Poshayi, Teacher/Librarian/Academic Teacher , Brooke Bond School7 years ago

l have a policy that l should not let anything hinder me from relating amicably with my work colleagues.I am thus comfortable with anyone at work,but if l am snubbed,l keep my distance,but that doesn"t mean if l have to talk to that person l need a go between,NO,l will go straight to them.

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Answer added by Muhammad Hasan, BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE , AL ANSARI EXCHANGE7 years ago

With complaining, criticizing and disrespecting person

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Answer added by Deleted user 7 years ago

People normally dont get a choice to work with someone or not specially if someone doesnt know person other side. But who doesnt contribute to work , who is always trying to harm you and other colleagues is dangerous and who try to gossip about you and others to higher ups as well.

I normally work with everyone and try to tackle such situations. As dealing with difficulties makes you better person and you learn more.

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Answer added by amer jayyousi , Business Development Consultant , freelance7 years ago

ignorant people

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Answer added by Mohammad Tohamy Hussein Hussein, Chief Executive Officer & ERP Architect , Egyptian Software Group7 years ago

Who is not working for the common goals of the organization.

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Answer added by Anita Viherpuro, Consultant , Presentte Oy7 years ago

A person I would have difficulties to work with is someone who runs his/her own agenda. But to refuse working with that kind of person, I don"t think I"m in a position where I can do that.

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