Today’s remix attributes this white tunic, which is among my favorite tops in my clocollection, in a whopping 10 outfits! I’ve been referring to this optimal newly and also have been excited to display you this remix. If you desire one of the a lot of versatile tops out tbelow, this white tunic is it.

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First, let me tell you why I love it. When I first bought it a couple of years earlier throughout a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale I didn’t think a lot of it. I kbrand-new I required more basics in my closet, yet I was choose, “Ehhh, a plain white height, massive deal.” I didn’t understand exactly how to use simple pieces earlier then, and I had actually even much less of an knowledge about how not all tops are equal–exactly how it drapes and also various other things like that matter!
And among the points I love around this optimal is its drape. It’s loose and relaxed–not also stuffy–yet deserve to be worn in company casual outfits or dressed down in casual outfits many thanks to that tranquil feel. Also, it is quite long and also many people wear it full tunic-size, yet I love tucking this in the front and also blomaking use of it out. Due to the fact that this top drapes so well, it lays flat as soon as you tuck it and blouse it out quite than poofing out awkwardly like stiffer tops execute. It additionally helps that it’s so lengthy bereason there’s more material to blousage out.
I called it as among my optimal 5 Tops That Will Make You Look Effortlessly Placed Togetherlast week, and I have this in both white and blush (watch all the colors HERE) and also have actually the shorter version in black and olive. (Exact shorter variation HERE. Super comparable shorter version HERE.) It’s simply as straightforward to throw on through jeans as a ordinary tee, however it looks so a lot more polished. You have the right to likewise dress it up in business casual looksas you’ll see below!
SIZING: I’m 5’6″ and also usually wear 6/8 or S/M. I wear this peak in M even though it’s oversized. Size S fit albest, yet I preferred just how M fit my shoulders better. See all the colors HERE.
P.S. This says “dry clean,” yet I generally hand wash and also air dry, however a number of times have accidentally machine washed and also machine dried and my tops still look new after several years. Several various other PMT readers have actually sassist they have had actually these for years, constantly machine wash/dry, andtheirs look new. Of course, perform that all at your very own danger, yet from my suffer they have actually been very simple to keep.

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