Lt. Gen. Don Campbell Jr., III Corps and also Fort Hood Commanding General Jun 7, 2012 Jun 7, 2012 Updated Dec 22, 2015

The previous decade has been challenging in many means for the Military and also all of our excellent Soldiers. Multiple deployments and also problem in both Iraq and also Afghanistan have actually put stressors on Families, Soldiers and systems not checked out in the years prior. Based on what I observe here eextremely day at the Great Place, I am consistently amazed and exceptionally proud of the resiliency, determination and also toughness of the American Soldier. The pride, spirit and also heart of the Army remajor very strong, and the core of the Military as a profession is solid as we move forward.

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Being a expert Soldier is the many noble and selfmuch less thing that our young guys and womales deserve to execute. That being shelp, any type of good company is a finding out organization. After more than 10 years of conflict, it is an appropriate time for self-review as a expert pressure to challenge our weaknesses and also construct upon our strengths.

Over the past year, the Army has been conducting sensing sessions, emphasis teams and also meetings with Soldiers, civilians and Family members from across the force to assess wbelow we stand also as a skilled pressure. One of the crucial aspects of this in-depth examine wregarding define the

important attributes of the Army profession. Some of these qualities are trust, trustworthiness armed forces specialization and esprit de corps.

First, trust and trustworthiness are fundamental to the permanent health of our Army. These qualities encompass not just the crucial trust between team members in a unit and the trust between leaders and their subordinates, however likewise the trust between the Army and the Amerihave the right to world. Once lost, trust is incredibly hard to reobtain, which is why we expect the Amerideserve to Soldier to be the pinnacle of integrity and also discipline.

2nd, our as a whole field of expertise as a fighting force has never been much better. We have junior leaders via multiple combat deployments that recognize just how to lead in fight. It will certainly be important in the coming years to retain the lessons learned over the past decade, yet end up being better prepared as a force for various missions, both residence and abroad.

Third, camaraderie and also esprit de corps are current in any type of successful company. It is this prevalent bond that pushes a team with obstacles and challenge to accomplish success. This bond is built with positive energy and also engagement by proactive leaders who are associated and treatment. Aobtain, this bond is constructed with trust and also integrity.

That being shelp, we have newly had a disturbing trend right here at the Great Place that is not in line via the Military as a profession and also subverts the essential trust between leaders and their Soldiers. We have actually had plenty of incidents wbelow Soldiers have actually been affiliated in motorcycle crashes, yet they never established themselves as motorcycle riders, had not completed the prerequiwebsite forced training, nor were the particular chains of command mindful that these individuals were operating a motorcycle.

This selective disregard through Army/Corps directives and also policies does NOT track with the Military Value of integrity, and it reflects a complete absence of self-control. I challenge leaders to be even more proactive to identify any type of individual that might be operating a motorcycle yet not adhering to Corps and also Military plans. Aobtain, the selective overlook for these necessary regulations is a selfish act and signals a lack of in its entirety self-control. More importantly, we are losing too many kind of of our young men and also woguys to these preventable mishaps.

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Finally, being a skilled Soldier implies living according to the Military Values and also Ethos eextremely day, whether on or off duty. It implies doing the harder ideal over the less complicated wrong, even as soon as nobody else is watching. It suggests making the correction on a Soldier on the weekfinish in civilian garments, if crucial. It suggests being selfmuch less as a leader for the greater success of your unit and also subordinates. It is about truly taking care of Soldiers and their Families. This is not a case around obtaining back to the “old Military,” however instead around adhering to and also enforcing requirements and policies that we already have actually in location. It is around effectively representing our excellent Army and also country in order to ensure we preserve a strong bond through the civilization.