This is a commercial ad of Google Pixel Buds. This commercial was released in October 2019 in USA. Under the title of “Google: Meet the brand-new Google Pixel Buds”.

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With custom-designed speakers, Google Pixel Buds bring you brilliant sound for your favorite music, podcasts, radio and also even more. Adaptive Sound intelligently adjusts the volume of what you’re listening to, so you don’t need to constantly raise or lower the volume as you move from the quiet of your home to a subway or a loud cafe.

If you’re on a speak to or a meeting, no difficulty. Beamcreating mics focus on your voice, while voice accelerometers detect your speech through the vibrations of your jawbone, so a noisy street or windy day won’t gain in the way of your conversation.

When you require aid on the go, just say “Hey Google,” and also ask the Assistant for whatever you need — rotate up the volume, sfinish a quick text, gain directions, or also understand also one more language with Google Translate.

It was done by Google advertising firm. And the commercial by Production Company kind of is Supply & Demand and also is directed by Joseph Kahn.

Lyrics: ♬My feet go boom boom boom Boom boom boom, boom boom boom My heart beats boom boom boom Boom boom boom, boom boom boom High rate, go zoom zoom zoom Zoom zoom zoom, zoom zoom zoom…♬

The brand-new Google Pixel Buds Sound that adapts to where you are Clearer calls Real-time translations Hands – cost-free help from the Google Assistant Google Pixel Buds Google

The commercial song is “Boom” by X Ambassadors. For those of you who choose this song “Boom”, you have the right to download it from Amazon or iTunes.

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In addition, the main Youtube channel of X Ambassadors provides the main music video of this song “Boom”.

Watch the entirety advertisement here.

Google: Meet the brand-new Google Pixel Buds Client: Google Geo: United States Released: October 2019 Advertising Agency: Google Global Creative Director: Christian Haas Head of Production: Christine Lindemann Creative Directors: Justin Pedone, Mark Sikes Executive Producer: Matt Nowak Producer: Lauren Teng Product Marketing Managers: Anissa Mak, Rudy Espinoza ID Lead: Luke Mastrangelo, Gina Reimann, Julie Hong Production Company: Supply & Demand Director: Joseph Kahn Executive Producer / Founder: Tim Case Executive Producer / MD: Jeff Scruton Sr. Head of Production: Nathan de la Rionda Producer: Ron Mohrhoff Director of Photography: David Weldon Jr. Music: Boom by X Ambassadors