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Animal Farm

Animal Farm is the animal paradise conceived of by Major, and also carried around by Napoleon, Snowsphere, Squealer, and the rebellion of the animals. Located in rural England also, Animal Farm was previously called “Manor Farm” before Mr. Jones, the owner, was thrust out. Animal Farm is the primary establishing for the novel, as well as the website of 2 battles versus the humans.


A nearby town, Willingdon is wright here Mr. Jones flees, and where Mollie escapes to live external Animal Farm.

Pincharea Farm

One of the adjoining ranches, Pincharea Farm, is owned and also operated by Mr. Frederick, who later consorts in trade via the pigs at Animal Farm.

Foxwood Farm

Foxwood Farm is the various other adjoining farm, owned and also operated by Mr. Pilkington. One of Foxwood’s farmhands is watched petting Mollie.

The Farmhouse

Once seen as a huguy privilege and also a authorize of human oppression...

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