Generally as soon as someone does not think your current statement hregarding perform via the conversation at hand also they deserve to ask, "What does that have to execute with the price of tea in China"?

Wright here did that create of statement come from?

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Eric Partridge, "A Dictionary of Capture Phrases," states this one is a variant of "What"s that gained to carry out via the price of eggs?" and also has actually been about "since the 1940s--maybe influenced by the expression, e.g. "I wouldn"t execute that, not for all the tea in China."" He identifies the "eggs" saying as "US: considering that the 1920s, if not earlier."



The finish expression is actually the following question: "What does that need to perform via the price of tea in China?"

The price of tea in China is totally irappropriate to the subject of conversation. So, as soon as someone asks this question, it suggests they’re really surprised by the listener"s comments. Effectively, they"re saying:

Why do you say that?What are you talking about?What does that need to do with anything?What does that need to execute via what we are talking about?

The Wikipedia short article Irene mentioned is pretty excellent.


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No one here appears to have actually actually answered the question in terms of the beginning. The expression is believed to have actually begun in 19th century England wbelow the actual price of tea in China was of interemainder. When someone in the British Housage of Commons sassist somepoint others felt was irrelevant, it was met with this saying... interpretation, the price of tea in China is a appropriate topic, however yours is not.

I am going to agree via the "evolution" of a sarcastic answer from a sarcastic answer from a genuine answer to a real problem: Meaning, originally A LOT of England"s money and finance WAS tied up in the price of tea - at the unloading docks in London annually. "Tea races" were very looked at events covering months of take a trip and high drama from China roughly Cape Horn to England to acquire the first cargo back to London! It affected what everybody drunk and also how much everybody bought and paid for their meals and drinks. Very, incredibly important - simply prefer now, the price of oil IS a daily report on the news and also in the stock markets.

But, in China, at the China docks? A little bit bit much less necessary, yet reloccasion. People, carriers, industries made their ybeforehand earnings - and thus the yat an early stage weras and salaries and earnings for everybody from the owner to the stockholders to the lowest laborer - on just how much the difference in price of tea was between the China docks and the London sales rooms. A late ship, a shed ship or spoiled tea product? Disaster. A poor market in China or a poor flourishing year or famine or a crop faitempt over there?