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The words dived and also dove are interchangeable as a previous tense and also past participle of the verb dive. Both verb inflections are supplied in American and also British English; yet, dove is an Americanism, and also for this reason often tends to be offered more in Amerihave the right to English.

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By the moment most indigenous speakers of English are adults, they"ve gained irconsistent verb inflections dvery own. Give/gave/given, bring/brought/brought, take/took/taken, dive...hmm.

Some would say dive/dived/dived, and some would say dive/dove/dived. Who"s right? Both of them.


But what we desire and what we have are 2 different things. Many of our irregular verb inflections aren"t based upon the Modern English infinitive create, however the infinitive create of the etymon. Drink, sink, and also stink all happen to come from the exact same team of Old English verbs, which is why they share inflections in Modern English. Wink and also think look related to drink, sink, and stink, yet they aren"t: we have the right to tell by the develops they"ve brought through them right into Modern English: wink/winked/winked and think/thought/thought.

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So if dove is a modern-day innovation, you shouldn"t use it, right? Some world will tell you that—that the correct previous tense of dive is dived. But a survey of the evidence for dive mirrors that dove is actually twice as common as dived is nowadays in American English, whereas dived is even more widespread in British English. If you"re speaking American English, be mindful that some people hold to the principle that dived is the only correct previous tense of dive, however also recognize that you might gain some funny looks if you use dived in the States.