Former suggests the initially of two items.

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Latter means the second of two items.

Continue check out to see just how these words are provided in English sentences.


Have you ever before heard someone differentiate between the former and also the latter however didn’t know what that perchild meant?

Former and also latter are adjectives that many human being just usage within a really limited context: to explain the order of two things that were mentioned together.

Many of the time, human being usage these terms without explaining them, so language learners or beginner writers might not know what they intend.

What is the Difference Between Former and also Latter?

In this post, I will certainly compare last vs. former. I will certainly usage each of these words in at leastern one instance sentence, so you deserve to view them in context.

Plus, I will certainly display you a valuable memory tool that you can use to assist you decide whether latter or former is the word you intend.

How to Use Former

Former definition: Former is an adjective. It has actually 2 interpretations. Sometimes, it describes a previous function that is no longer held, favor in the phrases previous Maritime or former employer.

In this write-up, though, we will certainly be mainly came to with the sense of previous as the initially of two points mentioned.

Here is an instance,

Bob owned a Jeep and also an old Dodge Dart, yet the previous auto was his everyday driver.

In this sentence, former is an adjective that modifies vehicle.

Former is deserve to additionally be an absolute adjective, which is an adjective that features as a noun in sentences. See the instance listed below.

Between an honorable death and also a life of cowardice, I will choose the previous eincredibly time.

In this sentence, previous becomes a de facto noun. It is the object of the verb choose.

How to Use Latter

Latter definition: Latter is also an adjective. It is the opposite of former; it means the second in a list of 2 things.

For example,

Aveline went secure via the quarterearlier her junior year and also the punter her senior year, and she married the latter athlete.

Like former, latter is likewise an absolute adjective, and it have the right to attribute as a noun in sentences.

In the sentence listed below, latter is supplied as an absolute adjective.

When offered a choice in between a blue pill and also a red pill, Keanu decided the last.

Outside Instances of Former vs. Latter

How to Remember These Words

Latter and also previous are both adjectives, and also given that they are frequently supplied in the very same context, it is simple to acquire them puzzled. Luckily, tbelow is a simple method to tell the distinction.

The former point is the first thing mentioned.The latter point is the last point stated.

If you don’t like that mnemonic, you could additionally remember that former and latter are in alphabetical order, and previous comes prior to last in a list of two things.

Blog post Summary

Is former or latter correct? Former and last are adjectives that refer to the initially and last things in lists of two things.

Former defines the thing that was pointed out initially. Latter describes the thing that was stated last.

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Both words have the right to also feature as a noun in sentences, in which instance they are absolute adjectives.