The Game finds catalyst in a fellow Jayceon.

Jayceon Terrell Taylor, extensively well-known as The Game, met a young boy with his first name while strolling dvery own the street on Tuesday. He determined to share the photo on Instagram, and started reminiscing on the old days once he offered to ask his mother why his name is Jayceon, quite than Jason. He continued by quoting his mom "" you" different."" Due to the fact that Jaboy was a much more common name, The Video Game possibly wanted to fit in with the other children. We all remember the days. 

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The Compton rapper shares the story to let world recognize that, although being different can make you feel left out at first, it" actually a blessing. He highlights this by quoting his aunt that told young Jayceon "" til you obtain in school & all the little girls call ya name "” "" bet you love it then. She was appropriate & from then til’ currently I’ve met so many youngsters called after me & it’s an honor to have the ability to cross routes with them from time to time."" 

He clearly took the advice and also complied with in his mother" footsteps, naming his kids distinctive names such as King Justice, Harlem Caron, and California Dream Taylor. He realized that naming kids is not just about making it basic for others to understand, but around providing someone that indicates a lot to you somepoint meaningful to carry via them. While we say goodbye to The Game with his final studio album, Born 2 Rap, he reminds us in this short article that we" constantly check out Jayceon around. 


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GRAM The Video Game Shares Touching Story Behind His Real Name

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The Game Shares Touching Story Behind His Real Name
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