Many kind of processes that we encounter in the body have comparable interpretations. We tfinish to use such terms interchangeably. Not until we recognize the meanings, will certainly we usage them properly. In this short article, we shall tackle 2 of such terms i.e. excretion and also secretion that are many kind of times provided interchangeably. Both these procedures involve the activity of materials in the body. But the difference between excretion and secretion is that excretion is the removal of waste from the body, whereas secretion requires the activity of products within the body. Given listed below in a tabular column is the distinction between excretion and also secretion.

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Excretion vs Secretion

Secretion is a procedure of motion of materials internally – such as hormonal secretion, mucosal secretion, lubrication protection, and so on.Excretion is the process of waste removal from the body
Materials favor hormones, enzymes and also saliva are secreted in the body.

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Materials like carbon dioxide, sweat, tears, faeces and also urine are excreted out
It is an energetic processIt is a passive process
The secreted substances are associated in the metabolism of the bodyThe excreted substances are no longer of usage to the body they are removed from the body
Endocrine glands, digestive glands, salivary glands, liver, pancreas and gallbladder are associated in the procedure of secretionLungs, skin, tear ducts and rectum are involved in the process of excretion

From the distinctions between secretion and also excretion detailed above, we can infer that crucial substance necessary for the body is secreted by organs and glands inside the body, whereas excretion mainly deals with the elimicountry of wastes favor sweat and urea, that are of no usage to the body.

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