Main Difference – Passion vs Compassion

Passion and compassion are 2 feelings that any individual have the right to feel. Passion describes a solid feeling of enthusiasm and/or excitement or a solid feeling sexual or romantic feeling. Compassion refers to sympathetic awareness of others’ ditension coupled with a desire to reduce it. The primary difference in between passion and also compassion is that passion is an inner feeling that prompts us to accomplish our very own desires and wishes whereas compassion is a feeling we feel towards others.

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In other words, passion prompts us to make ourselves happy whereas compassion prompts us to make others happy.

This short article explains,

1. What is Passion? – Definition, Meaning and Usage through Examples

2. What is Compassion? – Definition, Meaning and Usage through Examples

3. Key Differences Between Passion and also Compassion


What is Passion

The term passion deserve to have actually numerous definitions. Passion deserve to describe a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing somepoint as well as to a solid sexual or romantic feeling for someone. Look at the adhering to examples to understand also the definitions and also usage of this word more clearly.

Dancing is her passion.

He was the only student through a passion for finding out.

She spoke through passion.

Her brother emerged a passion for gardening.

In the above instance, passion refers to a solid feeling of enthusiasm or excitement. The adhering to sentences contain the second definition of passion; intense romantic or sexual feelings.

Their all-consuming passion for each various other led to the devastation of two households.

Oliusing registered nurses a passion for Dan.

Passion is an inner feeling, i.e., it is self-centered. Passion describes the desires, wishes, and also desires of an individual. These desires are typically what the individual wants for himself, what he likes, and so on.


What is Compassion

Compassion is sympathetic pity and also issue for the sufferings or misfortunes of others. It’s a feeling of wanting to assist someone that is sick, hungry, in trouble, and so on In other words, this is once your heart moves for another’s instance. Poverty, violence, disability, unhappiness, condition, death, and so on are some cases that evoke compassion in people. When you check out a person in such a case, you could desire to help that perkid to obtain amethod from that plight.

The following examples will help you understand also the definition and intake of this noun better.

The victims of war deserve our compassion and knowledge.

I felt compassion for the poor woman, but there was nothing I could perform.

The registered nurses showed neither compassion nor pity for the bad patients.

The queen showed compassion for the bad child.


Difference Between Passion and Compassion


Passion refers to a solid feeling of enthusiasm and/or excitement or a strong sex-related or romantic feeling.

Compassion refers to sympathetic awareness of others’ ditension coupled through a desire to mitigate it.

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Oneself vs Others

Passion is around fulfilling an individual’s very own desires and also wishes. 

Compassion prompts people to assist others.

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