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Are you exhausted of leaving the bathroom smelling favor ass?

Or maybe you’re tired of walking right into your bathroom just to be welcomed by a big whiff of the previous residents unsavory butthole fumes.

Whatever your present bathroom situation is, I think we have the right to all agree that when it involves matters of the butthole it’s a basic fact of life that everybody’s shit stinks.


If you or someone else in your family members is the purveyor of some exceptionally foul smelling bowl activities, you might want to think about this extra strength toilet spray from Poo-Pourri. Aptly called “Heavy Doody”, this toilet spray features an extra powerful dose of odor eliminating important oils including: Cedartimber, pine, and also citrus.

Unlike Poo-Pourri’s conventional line of toilet sprays, “Heavy Doody” is formulated to deodorize also the most toxic, nauseating, and also heinous smelling shits that your butthole deserve to create.

While I advise you to use this toilet spray at your own discretion, here’s a couple of scenarios where you will certainly likely discover yourself in require of the extra toughness odor fighting power of Heavy Doody:

You’re suffering from a poor bout of diarrhea.Taco Bell is on the food selection for dinner tonight.You shamelessly polimelted off a case of Natural Ice beer last night.

If you’re looking for a truly distinctive smelling toilet spray, I recommend checking out what Mask hregarding offer. Comparable in create and also attribute to Poo-Pourri, Mask Toilet Spray is designed to be sprayed in the toilet prior to elimination to aid trap offfinishing stink and odor inside.

And while the concept behind Mask Toilet Spray isn’t precisely new, they have actually produced a lengthy list of really distinct and also interesting scents that make their toilet sprays worth discovering.

My individual favorite is their Teaklumber & Tobacco scent (pictured), however they also offer a bunch of fun and amazing scents that really aid the Mask brand stand also out from the crowd, including:

Fifty ShadesEco-friendly Tea & LemongrassCoconut & LimeFruity LoopsBubblegum BlastCotton CandyBabsence Raspberry & VanillaChampagne & StrawberriesSalted Carmel Ice CreamBaked Strawberry DonutCampfire Smoke

If you didn’t think that toilet spray can gain any kind of even more ridiculous, then you clearly never before heard of Unicorn Gold by Squatty Potty. Formulated via natural necessary oils and REAL GOLD nano-particles, this toilet spray offers your turd a royal sendoff as it ventures into the great unknown.

And as ridiculous as real gold nano-pposts in a poop spray might sound, the science behind it claims that gold pwrite-ups actually perform a really great job of eliminating sulhair compounds which reason poop to stink.

So not just does Unicorn Gold act as a powerful deodorizer, yet it’s additionally complete of important oils that that trap odor below the surconfront of the water and also help add a fresh scent to the bathroom.

Unicorn Gold is easily accessible in these fresh scents:

Mystic ForestCitrus ForestTropical DropsicleFruity BootyPinch of Vanilla

Okay so Dude Bombs aren’t technically a toilet spray at all, but they occupational and also attribute pretty a lot the same. Some civilization also case that they are much faster and simpler to usage than a toilet spray.

While Dude Bombs look even more favor somepoint you should be putting right into a dishwashing machine, they are actually designed to be dropped right into the toilet to assist trap and also eliminate offending odors.

These “pod” shaped toilet deodorizers are complete of fragrance oils that emit the scent of lavender, cedar, lime, and eucalyptus when they dissettle in the toilet water. Comparable to a toilet spray, Dude Bombs develop an invisible layer on the surchallenge of the water that traps stink and also odor inside.

So while Dude Bombs could not technically be a toilet spray, they are but extremely effective and really simple to usage.

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You can associate Air Wick brand through those aerosol air freshener sprays, however did you recognize they currently offer their very own line of toilet sprays?

Similar in attribute to well-known toilet sprays such as Poo-Pourri, Air Wick Poop Toilet Spray is designed to be sprayed into the toilet pre-crap to assist block offending stink and odor from escaping the bowl.

Formulated via essential oils and fragrance oils, Air Wick Poop Toilet Spray is a legit and affordable alternative as soon as it concerns staying clear of poop stink from taking over the bathroom.

Thanks for exploring my list of finest poop sprays for the toilet. If you found this short article advantageous be certain to examine out my tips on how to get rid of poop smell from the bathroom quick. As always if you have any type of comments or inquiries, feel complimentary to drop me a line in the comment area below.