Questioning the author is a strategy that engperiods students actively via a message. Rather than analysis and also taking information from a text, the QtA strategy motivates students to ask concerns of the writer and also the text. Thunstable developing their inquiries, students learn even more around the message. Students learn to ask inquiries such as: What is the author"s message? Does the author describe this clearly? How does this connect to what the author shelp earlier?

When to use: Before reading During reading After reading
How to use: Individually With small groups Whole class setting

Why use question the author?

It engages students in the reading and helps to solidify their understanding of a message.It teaches students to create questions to the writer while reading.It teaches students to critique the author"s creating.

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How to usage question the author

Beck et al. (1997) recognize particular actions you should follow in the time of a question the writer lesboy. This strategy is ideal suited for nonfiction texts.

Select a passage that is both amazing and also can spur a good conversation.Decide proper protecting against points wbelow you think your students should obtain a greater expertise.Create queries or concerns for each preventing point.What is the author trying to say?Why execute you think the writer supplied the complying with phrase?Does this make feeling to you?Display a short passage to your students along with one or 2 queries you have designed ahead of time.Model for your students how to think through the queries.Ask students to check out and also occupational through the queries you have all set for their readings.

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Aid students understand purpose and also audience in creating by modeling and offering opportunities to compose a variety of creating forms. See the leskid arrangement.

This video is publiburned with permission from the Balanced Literacy Diet. See many more connected how-to videos via leskid plans in the Reading Comprehension Strategies section.

This webwebsite reflects and instance of using the question the author strategy through a widespread health-related sign that might be review by students. See example >

Language Arts

Here"s an easy, clear description of exactly how students can learn to think, "If I were the author…" See example >

Social Studies

Here"s a brief paper that explains how teachers deserve to usage the question the writer strategy to assist students make sense of social studies. Examples are offered for elementary age students. See instance >

Differentiated instruction

for second language learners, students of differing reading ability, and also younger learners

Have students of varying abilities work-related together to recognize answers to questions.When students ask inquiries that go unanswered, try to restate them and also encourage students to work-related to recognize the answer.Have students create or type responses to queries or produce some of their own.Engage students in a course conversation around responses to inquiries.

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Beck, I.L., & McKeown, M.G., Hamilton, R.L., & Kugan, L. (1997). Questioning the author: An method for enhancing student engagement through text. Newark, DE: International Reading Association.