If your favorite nail polish has actually simply gained goopy and thick, there is a method to thin it again. As it typically happens, some of our favorite nail polish bottles are not used as a lot as other regular ones. We conserve them for unique occasions, but they quickly come to be thick, and also polish is turned right into a sticky mass. That is when nail polish thinners come in.

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How Does Nail Polish Thinners Work?

All nail polishes are made of volatile solvents, and also they easily evapoprice as soon as exposed to the air. That is why nail polishes tfinish to thicken and acquire goopy over time when you open the bottle.

However, fortunately for us, that is as soon as nail polish thinners come into play. Just a few drops of it deserve to thin nail polish and also help to gain back its original state. Thinners work on replacing solvents that are evaporating.

What to Look For When Buying Thinner

If you really desire to gain the best nail polish thinner, then these two things have to be on your mind once searching for the one.

Check the Ingredient List

Some nail polish thinners contain acetone. It is not a vast trouble, however if you desire your polish to last after thinning, you need to protect against it.

Acetone itself have the right to be offered as a thinner too, yet it has a tendency to crack your nail polish and make it discolored after a brief time.

Mind the Thinner Type

Tbelow are different forms of nail thinners. You should be aware of that before buying one. You deserve to find thinners that work-related on constant nail polishes and thinners to work-related miracles on gel polish.

4 Best Nail Polish Thinners

These are the peak polish thinners you should buy. Among many kind of great reviews, these assets are additionally budget-friendly choices for restoring your nail polish problem. If you still keep those old half-emptied bottles of your favorites nail polish shades, currently is the time to offer them a makeover.

1. Opi Nail Laquier Thinner


OPI nail lacquer thinner is an award-winning product that lasts forever before. Use just a small amount (according to bottle user guide 2-3 drops). This thinner is made of just 2 ingredients: Butyl Acetate and Ethyl Acetate. Those ingredients are main solvents uncovered in a lot of nail polishes.

What’s it great for

Its easy formula renders it a low-risk and also safe nail polish thinner. It is additionally excellent for vegan nail polishes.

The bottle lasts really long considering that a tiny goes a lengthy means. The product functions good also with hefty thick nail polishes.

Some drawbacks

The price is a bit steep. Sometimes you will certainly require even more than 2-3 drops as it’s labeled on the bottle. Due to its simple formula, it functions perfectly with more recent nail polishes. Still, for the old ones, you will perhaps need a lot more (20+) drops of this thinner.

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This good-high quality nail polish thinner is perfect even for optimal coats. Seche restore functions well via all nail polishes and has actually a thin and liquid consistency. You will certainly be surprised exactly how excellent it can occupational via your favorite nail polish bottle.

What’s it excellent for

The bottle itself is very well made. It contains a glass dropper that makes dosage much simpler. If you are using the top coat from the very same brand, you have to absolutely consider buying a thinner as well.

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Some drawbacks

The formula consists of Toluene as a solvent, which is a harmful chemical. It can additionally be found in many type of nail polishes. The product will certainly probably evapoprice easily if you don’t keep it in a cool and dry place.

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