The Life of Pablo, but which one? That"s the question everyone is asking — consisting of Kanye West himself — after the rapper publicly announced he would certainly be altering his forthcoming album title yet aget ahead of its Thursday unveiling in New York City. Yeezy teased the track list on Twitter for his upcoming album Wednesday night, creating the brand-new title at the optimal of the web page and also "which one?" with a different-colored pen. 

West"s next album will have the formerly released "Wolves" featuring Vic Mensa and also Sia, and also the rapper"s latest "Real Friends." 

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But who is the Yeezy Pablo? Fans were confused as hell once his wife, Kim Kardashian-West, polled Twitter users around what album name they"d prefer West to usage, including Swish, Waves and also So Assistance Me God; then, in pure Yeezy fashion, West decided none of those were worthy and also instead dedicated his latest album to a mysterious initially name. 

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Who can be so deserving of such a distinct honor from the guy, the myth and also the legfinish himself?

Pablo Escobar


In "No More Parties In LA," among Yeezy"s a lot of recently released singles, the rapper states, "I feel choose Pablo when I"m functioning on my shoes/ I feel favor Pablo as soon as I see me on the news/ I feel like Pablo as soon as I"m functioning on my house/ Tell "em party"s in below, we don"t should go out."

When powerful Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar negotiated the rules and also regulations bordering his own arremainder, the infamous felon someexactly how regulated to acquire his government to agree to him building his own individual prison, referred to as "La Catedral." The cartel leader"s prison was basically a party mansion, finish via a basketsphere hoop, incredible views and also a helicopter landing pad. 

We imagine Yeezy"s mansion to be rather comparable in aesthetic. In addition, once 20-year-old Dante Holley had the ability to appropriately guess West"s next album title after he tweeted "T.L.O.P." as a clue, Holley told MTV News he felt the name dedication was a shoutout to the drug lord Netflix produced an original series around.

Pablo Picasso


Throughout his time making extremely self-confident speeches to fans and also anyone willing to listen, West has actually often touted himself as one of history"s biggest artists. At a packed Oxford University event in Britain in at an early stage 2015, West explained which of the world"s a lot of famed artists he thinks he would have actually end up being had he not started rapping. 

"My goal, if I was going to execute art, fine art, would certainly have actually been to come to be Picasso or better," West sassist, according to a tranmanuscript Complex reported in March following the event. "That constantly sounds so funny to world, comparing yourself to someone in the previous that has actually done so a lot, and in your life you"re not also enabled to think that you have the right to carry out as much. That"s a mentality that suppresses mankind."

2015 wasn"t the initially time West compared himself to the well known artist, however. "No matter how they try to control you, or the motherfucker alongside you tries to peer press you, you have the right to carry out what you motherfucking desire," West said throughout an explosive 2013 rant at a concert hall in Paris, NME reported. "I am Picasso. I"m Walt Disney. I"m Steve Jobs."

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As the human being awaits The Life of Pablo, as well as the release of the artist"s latest fashion line, Yeezy Seakid 3, one deserve to just ask: Is Yeezy one action closer to ending up being among the many notoriously gifted artists ever before recognized, or has actually he simply lost his mind?