Norcross, GA – Another milestone accomplished by FineLine freshly, registering its 65,000th customer! A testimony to FineLine’s reach through residential and also global retailers. Vendors proceed to choose our FASTtrak global ordering and manufacturing platdevelop.

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Price marking and correct identification labels constitute the foundation of basically every retailer’s digital ecodevice supporting critical functions such as automated checkout, inventory manage, stock replenishment, customer analytics, and most recently retailers’ quick important shift to omnichannel and contactless shipment.

To support retailers’ raising reliance on item marking, FineLine is continually investing in progressed technology services to administer item identification tagging through 100% information accuracy, produced in 48 hours and also delivered everywhere in the human being in much less than 5 service days.

As we rise our vendor netjob-related, daily, we give thanks to our retailers and also their service providers who continue to choose FineLine to assistance their barcode and also RFID ticketing demands.

REMA TIP TOP and FineLine Technologies launch brand-new RFID products for afterindustry identification of tires

May 3, 2021


Tracking in the retanalysis process | Identification during operation | Fleet ascollection management | Finalist in the “Innovation Award 2020” of the European Rubber Journal

Poing near Munich, Germany type of & Norcross GA – While the usage of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) modern technology to recognize tires is nopoint brand-new, a reliable afterindustry RFID solution to equip tires already in use has actually been lacking, till currently.

In Europe, approximately 6.7 million truck tires are being retreaded each year (a procedure that each truck tire goes via two to three times in the time of its lifetime). To ensure that the retreading procedure is transparent and traceable, the tire must be figured out and also documented past doubt at eincredibly stage of the process. Many kind of retreaders have actually reported that casings cannot be reliably tracked with the process. REMA TIP TOP AG and FineLine Technologies provide a solution through two newly arisen RFID Patches: REMA ID SF and also REMA ID CV. These assets enable truck tires to be determined wirelessly, without visual marmajesties, developing a secure and also error totally free process, independent from the tire manufacturer.

REMA ID: Reliable identification of truck tires via RFIDIdentification methods such as barcode sticker labels and also laser engraving have been provided to recognize tires in the past. These approaches are highly susceptible to errors: marmajesties often loss off, ending up being dirty or damaged and also cause unidentifiable tires. “With the miscellaneous tradition identifiers, the usual faitempt rate is about 25 percent,” describes REMA TIP TOP’s Product Manager Jan Wilke. “using the brand-new REMA ID RFID products, we sell a reliable, sustainable and versatile solution that can be offered to determine, track and trace brand-new and retreaded truck tires throughout the whole product life cycle”.

According to Jos Uijlenbroek, tire RFID advance director at FineLine Technologies, “functioning via REMA TIP TOP, we brought the best of ‘both worlds’ together. We linked FineLine’s expertise of RFID modern technology via REMA’s superior knowledge of rubber, bonding modern technologies and also repair materials”. This combicountry of distinctive technologies from FineLine Technologies and also REMA TIP TOP delivers 2 patented product offerings:

REMA ID SF: The industry’s first solvent-totally free tracking technologyREMA ID SF, short for Solvent Free, is vulcanized directly right into the tire during retanalysis and also is the industry’s first innovation to work-related in a fully solvent-cost-free way. The built-in RFID tag easily survives the complete retread procedure. More particularly, it deserve to withstand temperatures of as much as 160 levels Celsius that take place during vulcanization, and the compression, expansion and also friction forces during operation. With a thickness of just 1.2 millimeters and also a weight of less than one gram, the RFID patch does not cause any imbalance and is optimally defended in the tire at the exact same time.

REMA ID CV: Smart fleet managementREMA ID CV represents Cold Vulcanization and is applied ultimately to the installed, or inflated tire, or applied on the inner liner of the tire. The CV patch is designed for operators of truck fleets, leasing service providers of truck tires or tire assessors. The patch is offered to recognize the tires at any kind of time in the time of operation. This method, the tire’s mileage, wear or history can be accurately tracked, independent of the automobile. The transponder is included right into a patch that is applied to the tire by means of self-vulcanization. After 24 hrs, at a minimum temperature of 18 degrees Celsius, the patch has completely cured in location.

Ecological and economic optimization many thanks to modern-day RFID technologyThe RFID transponders provided in both variants depend on the worldwide RFID Class-1-Gen2-UHF conventional and also have been tested on the tire test bench in accordance via the European typical ECE-R109/ECE-R30. Well over 100 readings per second are possible over the distance of up to 5 meters depending on the type of tire and also place of the patch. The ID of each patch is distinct international. This allows retreaders and fleet operators to significantly increase their productivity.

About REMA TIP TOPREMA TIP TOP is a global units provider of solutions and commodities in conveyor and also retanalysis technology and for tire repairs. The firm has an international company network and also provides a vast selection of organic rubber commodities, herbal rubber coatings and also coatings for industry and the automotive sector. The company has collected distinctive specialization in products development and also commercial services over practically a century and is energetic in the belting, product processing, surconfront protection and also automotive organization areas. At the end of fiscal year 2019, REMA TIP TOP produced sales of around 1.1 billion euros. The firm employs even more than 8,000 civilization international and also has actually more than 190 subsidiaries and connected carriers – including renowned brands such as Dunlop Belting Products South Africa and Aseparation.

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