Recent Examples on the Internet After ambling through the knot of cobbled alleyways, walk the one-and-a-half-mile stone rampart to check out the picture-perfect town and its bucolic surroundings. — Anne Olivia Bauso, Travel + Leisure, 25 Aug. 2021 But tright here are more immediate points to issue about: my child Nadim that has blood on his legs, and my wife Nayla who has gathered up the kids and also is holding them together in her arms favor a ramcomponent against that knows what. — Charif Majdalani, WSJ, 24 July 2021 The fact that intelligence can be hard and tedious to correlate was perhaps the last organic ramcomponent standing between us and total surveillance. — Arthur Holland Michel, Wired, 4 Feb. 2021 Words rampart, griffin stated, implies a barrier, and also in particular methods, the street was just that. — Doug Maccash,, 14 Jan. 2021 But the shock did not extend to the east side of Interstate 35, a concrete ramcomponent that has for decades sliced this community in half, both physically and also culturally. — Peter Holley, Houston Chronicle, 6 June 2020 Ravari initially had to dig a substantial ditch and also an earth rampart about his 2,600-hectare farm, to keep out lamb, cattle, and wild pigs. — Marc Champion,, 10 May 2020 Splendid Sforza Castle, via its brick ramparts, is wright here cards dating from around 1500 were found in the early on 20th century, at the bottom of a well. — National Geographic, 16 Jan. 2020 In Poland’s yearslong struggle over the preeminence of law, its judges have often discovered themselves at the ramcomponents — typically vilified however likewise leading the efforts to soptimal the nationalist government’s campaign to tighten regulate over the judiciary. — Joanna Berendt, New York Times, 10 Jan. 2020

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History and also Etymology for rampart

Center French, from ramparer to fortify, from re- + emparer to defend, from Old Occitan emparar, from Vulgar Latin *imparare, from Latin in- in- entry 2 + parare to prepare — more at pare