Modern vehicles are equipped via a variety of different panels that consist of their bodies or exterior chassis. Understanding what these panels are, where they go, and also what they execute is crucial if you need to percreate maintenance or repairs on your vehicle; or arrangement to undertake a restoration project for a automobile you desire to fix up.

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Panels comprise some of the the majority of fundamental structural aspects of a car’s body, and also one that is vital is the quarter panel. But wbelow is the quarter panel, and also what is it responsible for?

Quarter Panel Location

Your car has two quarter panels, both of which are situated at the rear of your automobile.

Your car’s rear quarter panels can be uncovered right between your rear door and the trunk or bed (depending upon whether you have actually a conventional vehicle or a truck). Seams or bolts normally mark the panels, so identification have to only take a pair of secs. There’s one panel per side, and the quarter panels normally extend above and also about your rear wheels.

You might be able to easily locate your quarter panel due to the wear and also tear they often endure. Due to the fact that of its area (ideal above and approximately your wheels), quarter panels accrue most dirt and also debris over time. They are also common locations for impact damages in minor crashes or fender benders.

Why Are Quarter Panels Important?

Quarter panels are among the most instrumental components of your car’s chassis for a couple of significant factors. But why?


For starters, your quarter panels are important pieces of your chassis and also can affect just how the rear of your car looks. They are the character and defining form of your vehicle's tail's sides.

If they’re angular, your automobile will certainly have actually a sharper create, and if they are softer, your auto will look a small curvier or organic.

Since they are both practical and esthetic, you have to routinely clean your quarter panels as a result of their exposure to extra dirt, debris, and also also exhaust oil, as pointed out over. Dirty quarter panels, also as the just visible parts of a auto via grease and also debris, can make your auto show up dirty and less visually appealing.


Your car’s quarter panels likewise carry out considerable support for the remainder of your chassis’ structure. They assistance the ago trunk panel of your car and the other rear panels that might make up your car’s trunk or truck bed, as well as the rear fender/bumper.


Lastly, quarter panels protect the various other panels neighboring them, consisting of your rear wheels, by acting as a physical barrier. They help proccasion dirt and also debris from being thrown right into the rear undercarriage of your auto and also protect surrounding panels from oil smears or road tar.

Replacing Quarter Panels

As we began to outline, it’s pretty clear that quarter panels take a heavy beating all the moment.

When driving, your rear wheels regularly throw up dirt, road tar, dead bugs, and also other debris straight onto your quarter panels. This stuff can develop up over time and grind its way into the paint, inevitably breaking dvery own even a coat of wax or vehicle sealant.Furthermore, at leastern one of your quarter panels is exposed to too much temperature fluctuations on a continual basis. The panel over your car’s exhaust pipe is exposed to extreme warmth whenever before your vehicle is running, which can reason the metal to warp throughout the winter, as intense cold clashes through the heat. In reality, the warm itself can eventually melt the panel or damages the paint on top of it.As discussed prior to, quarter panels are commonly damaged in minor crashes. Because they’re situated close to the back bumpers, they’re generally dented or cruburned when one automobile results another from behind.

Since of these and also many type of other factors, civilization find themselves having to rearea their quarter panels even more regularly than other sections of their auto (choose a bumper, for example).

Fortunately for motorists, quarter panels periodically come in multiple sections. For instance, your car might be equipped via both top and lower quarter panels that deserve to be taken acomponent or reinserted independently. Determine whether your automobile has actually a solitary item or top and also reduced quarter panels when assessing if a replacement panel is crucial, so you don't pay even more than you need to. Only one piece will must be repaired or replaced in some situations, conserving you money on replacing the entire panel.

Should You Repair Quarter Panels?

Though we have actually outlined many facets of a quarter panel, and while you might be able to repair them in practice, it’s not commonly recommended.

Remember, quarter panels are important for your vehicle’s all at once structural integrity. Welding or otherwise adjusting damaged steel on such an integral component of your vehicle is generally riskies and may cause a subpar panel that can’t support your car or truck’s rear weight.

It’s best practice to sindicate acquire your quarter panel(s) replaced if they come to be damaged in an accident or other perils. Plus, brand-new quarter panels will certainly look a lot much better than ones that have actually an chance to be hastily repaired or welded earlier into shape.

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A replacement quarter panel won't normally price you also a lot, either. You have the right to often uncover smaller or upper/lower quarter panels for as low as $50. Larger or even more considerable quarter panels may run you in between $100-$1000 depending on the product supplied, their complete size, and also the paint project forced to make the panel complement with the rest of your automobile. If this is the case, you need to decide if the price is worth the benefit and also make a determicountry that is best suited to your needs.