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I would certainly like to make a Ranger team and also would favor to recognize what makes up a chalk.I am pretty certain of a SAW gunner,a 240 gunner,RTO and also a grenadier,yet who else and how many type of males are in a chalk?
I am not a servant to package art layout!!Don"t be so untype.You may not endure to pass this method aacquire,and also these be the last friendly words you"ll hear.

I think it is twelve men plus a chalk leader. At leastern, according to Matt Eversmann in The Battle of Mogadishu, he says that tright here were thirteen Rangers, counting him, aboard Super 67 on Oct. 3. That"s what it claims at the beginning- I haven"t really check out the book in detail yet.

I remember that a "Chalk" used to be dubbed a "Stick", based upon the old WWII Airborne term, and that a "Stick" was usually the number of men in a airplane or glider flown to a drop suggest. Unfortunately, I can not remember just how many that is. Though 12 sounds choose a possible number (seeing that WWIItransport planes and also gliders probably didn"t carry anypoint near the variety of troops a modern-day C130 can).

"Stick" refers to a row of males attached to a static line, generally 12. A C-47 Skytrain might lug 2 sticks of 12 for a full of 24.

Well, because we"re all takin shots in the dark below, here"s my guess
Chalk sounds prefer a sophisticated word for squad. 12 in a squad, plus Squad Leader3 fire groups, 4 soldiers a piece1 Gunner per team (M249/M240)1 Assist. Gunner (M4)1 Rifleman/Driver (M4)1 Fire team leader (M203) Fire team leaders are junior NCO"s, Cpl and also Sgt.One assigned RTO within the squadOne assigned CLS/Medic within the squadSquad leader is a SSG
In the AF, in my experiences, a "chalk" is yet many type of troops loaded right into a carry aircraft. When you"re gaining all set to go on deployment, you might be on "chalk one", on the initially aircraft out the door.

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Usually, a "chalk" is just offered when designating personell on an airborne op. Example: I am the PJ for Chalk 1 (I am the lead jumpgrasp on the first a/c). or I am the stickpusher for chalk 12 (I am the last mofo out of the 12th bird).The complace will adjust for aircraft kind and also mission. Otherwise, Rangers belengthy to a fireteam, squad, platoon, then company.Hope this helps
My guess would be 1 Sqaud Leader2 four male fire teams (fire team has 1 team leader, 1 SAW gunner, 1 grenadier and also 1 rifleman)1 three guy machine gun team1 Medicfor a full of 13
First, a "chalk/stick" is the line up for an airborne or air assualt mission. This is the placing of personnel on the bird, as each "chalk/stick" consists of a mixture of personnel from various squads, platoons and even suppliers while conducting their mission. Here is the erected for a squad (whether it is a Straight Leg, Airborne, Air Assualt or Ranger unit). Tright here are three (3) Squads per Platoon plus one (1) Weapons Squad.Squad Leader, M4 w/M203 or M16 w/M2031st Fire team and 2nd Fire teamTeam Leader, M4Grenadier, M4 w/M203 or M16 w/M203Rifleman, M4 or M16Automatic Rifleman, M249 SAWA Combat Medic is assigned to a Platoon, that would certainly be assigned to a squad if required for mission. Typically armed with an M9 or (old school) 1911.The Weapons Plt. would consist of the,Squad Leader, M4 w/M203 or M16 w/M203Team 1 and also Team 2Team Leader, M4 or M16Gunner, M240 or (old school) M60Ammo Bearer, M4 or M16 Of course you would have actually the Platoon Leader and also Platoon Sergeant, M4 or M16 via their RTO"s being assigned from one of the squads within the Platoon.