Early this morning, as I was in that beforehand morning phase of waking, I felt that creepy, crawly feeling of are afraid begin to niggle at my mind. This has actually always been the moment as soon as the foe should uncover me many vulnerable to a fear strike. Fortunately, as I"ve allowed the Holy Spirit to create and also mold me progressively over the years, He rises up within my mind to perform fight via the enemy who plays on my weaknesses.The way that the Divine Spirit typically combats this menace (who seeks to start my day off in fear) is to carry back a details portion of scripture to my mind. Today that is aobtain what occurred. The words of Psalm 91:1-3 came up favor a shield against the enemy bringing via it calm and peace--pushing earlier the arrows of fear.Many kind of years ago God impressed upon me the desire to memorize His scripture. I would certainly walk and also memorize sections of the Bible many every day. Psalm 91 was one that I memorized after hearing a sister in the Lord at our fellowship say that this was the chapter that was gaining her with her fight with cancer. Sort of in honor of her fight I chose that scripture to memorize. Although most nights I only hear the first 3 verses, these verses have end up being my shield versus at an early stage morning fear assaults.Today I identified to "refresh" my mind by re-memorizing the remainder of the chapter one verse at a time, so Psalm 91:4 is todays refresher verse.It claims,He shall cover you through His feathers, And under His wings you shall take refuge; His truth shall be your shield and also buckler.Do you ever before feel that somepoint you check out pops out at you as if it"s in neon lights? The words His truth shall be your shield and also buckler is that for me.So I pulled up biblegatemeans.com to execute a small study about the words shield and also buckler. I wanted to obtain a photo in my mind about what that looks favor.A shield and buckler as it transforms out is a lot like it sounds. A protective shield that shows arrows. As I looked deeper I uncovered out that generally this was a body dimension shield that totally blocked the body and although it was movable it was rather big and also heavy and often remained stationery throughout a battle.. A buckler is a tiny hand organized shield that offered the warrior a means to ward off stray arrows. What an amazing picture! In this chapter of Psalms we have actually currently seen that God is our refuge when we decide to attract close to Him. It is our choice to abide under "the shadow of the Almighty" (verse 1). Then in verse 3 we watch what that looks like--God closes his "wings" approximately us to be our safe refuge. I love this imagery. He covers me and also holds me in an take on that is feather like--sweet and soft.And yet, the next portion of the verse claims that "His Truth is my shield and buckler". His Truth is a full body shield and also a hand also hosted shield. His Truth wards off the arrows of the enemy. His truth protects from the arrows of sin and damage. His Truth provides sure that we have the right to "abide under the shadow of the Almighty" and also be safeguarded from being lead away from the security of our Lord.So just how do we "abide under the shadow of the Almighty". It"s not so difficult. We push in to love God through all our hearts, we lean our heads versus his chest and also hear His heartbeat. We allow our hearts to beat as one through His. We spend time learning around our valuable God simply as we would certainly a lover that we are falling in love through for the initially time. We put God initially in our thoughts and also actions bereason God deserves to be first in our lives.

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We seek His Truth and also we walk in His Way.Oh how essential this is to uncover the tranquility that we are offered by God. Tomorrow I will certainly explore verse 5 and also why Truth is so crucial.May now be the day once you abide under HIs shadow.