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The MVP candidate endured a gruesome-looking injury to his pinky finger after a mistackled snap. He left the game, and it didn"t appear he"d have the ability to rerotate. But he did, and also not only was he able to play, but he even led a comeback against the Panthers en path to a win.

Will he be fine for next week versus Buffalo?

“I’m going to practice. I’m going to play next game. I don’t imagine anypoint will be wrong. It’ll simply … it’ll suck," Carr said.

So do not intend any long-term results for Carr. He admitted the pinky “definitely still hurt” once he was playing, however shelp he have the right to regulate it. The Raiders require him to play, specifically if he deserve to save carrying these fourth-quarter comebacks.

His teammates know how practical he is, as linebacker Bruce Irvin put Carr"s return: "Like Jesus increased from the dead."

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